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Hua Yan Jia

The Swordsman Kungfu famous past contributed to World Kungfu Chinese among others:

7) Hua Yan Jia (Fok Yuen Gap / Goan Ka Ho, Tianjin, 1868-1910). He is the founder of Chin Woo Athletic Association (Jing Wu Men), which until now has been spread over 50 branches in the USA, Canada, Argentina, Peru, Macau, Hongkong, China, Japan, Wales, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Australia, Singapore , Thailand, Malaysia and others. He is famous Kungfu Swordsman very nationalistic and also born of Family fighter Huo flow. At first, Hua Yan Jia Silat not allowed to study science because of the condition of her frail and often sick. However, due to a strong will and a high talent, secretly Jia Hua Yan younger brothers always peek and the disciples His father (Huo Endi) during exercise. It is said that the perfect knowledge after encounter with one of the famous Patriot Kungfu: Wang Wu, The Machete Big polish ability Jia Hua Yan young. Jia Hua Yan's fighting ability was first tested when he defeated South Kungfu expert named "Du" before actually beat the Huo family at the annual battle between the family fighters. In his lifetime, both he and his student Liu Zhensheng known as Swordsman Kungfu are many defeating various martial art practitioners flow from various countries such as wrestlers, boxers, Ju Jit Su / judo champion and Karateka from Russia, the UK and Japan. Huo Yan Jia's first bout with the fighter the West occurred in 1901 in an open battle in Xiyuan Park, Tianjin. Huo Yan Jia Strongest Wrestler beat Russia (The fight was a "Show of Force" of the Russian Empire to weaken people's mental China) to the punch by way of lifting and throwing off the stage of the fight. The second fight occurred in 1909 with the British Boxing Champion big tall, O'Brien. Huo Yan Jia moves back to beat his opponent with his creation, the Kung Fu Zhong Mi. In subsequent developments, Huo Yan Jia receive much more challenging than Japanese fighter and nothing can beat He at that time. Unfortunately, Huo Yan Jia died too soon, ie at the age of 42 (in 1910) and based on the autopsy Tianjin Municipality Police Laboratory, found arsenic in the body Huo. Chin Woo and officials examining physician suspected that toxins are associated with the results of the last fight with Japanesse Judo Association ("JJA") which resulted in many JJA members who suffered a crushing defeat or a fatal wound in battle mat.

Huo Yuanjia (1868-1910) was a patriotic martial artist born in the late Qing Dynasty. His ancestral home was located in Cangzhou, Hebei Province. As the founder of Chin Woo Athletic Association, a martial arts school in Shanghai, he was well-known for his outstanding martial arts performance and his righteousness. As a practitioner of the extraordinary Huo family-style martial art “Mizongquan” or literally “Hidden Trace Boxing”, he was widely known as a hero in China for challenging foreign fighters in highly-publicized matches in Tianjin and later in Shanghai. Short as it was, his life was dynamic, dramatic and legendary. 

Huo Yuanjia was born in a family which had a long tradition of being practitioners of martial arts. As the story goes, he was born weak and susceptible to illness and therefore his father Huo En forbade him to learn martial arts. However, he practiced martial arts in secret and further developed Mizongquan later on. When he turned an adult, Huo Yuanjia ran a drug store in Tianjin and later founded the “Chin Woo Athletic Association” in Shanghai. In Shanghai, he once defeated a Russian wrestler in a competition. In another case, a Japanese boxer openly challenged him. Huo Yuanjia, who was supposed to have fallen ill, allowed his student Liu Zhensheng to meet the challenge and the Japanese opponent defeated. The “Chin Woo Athletic Association” was a martial arts school Huo Yuanjia started in Shanghai and a few months later he was poisoned by the chamber of commerce. Afterwards, his students and the patriotic martial artists of Shanghai launched a large funeral for him and he was buried in the northern suburbs of Shanghai.       
As it is said, after the Japanese poisoned Huo Yuanjia to death, his favorite student Chen Zhen took revenge for his death. Such a legend was included into a film for the first time by Bruce Lee in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The film was named Fist of Fury and Bruce Lee played the role Chen Zhen. However, there was no such a character as Chen Zhen in history.   

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