Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Karate

The Karate

    A karate black belt often demonstrates the power andto share their experiences so the UN, I Due Tues Without hard brick pileA little man '. Tues A karate expert from Japan actually DID beatAdult bulls without weapons. Karateka trained to run theSuperman comes with a magic man! AREincludes the magic? Or ARE solo joke Attraction of the United Nations?Martial Arts Karate-Do and notes be derived from the IslandOkinawa, Japan. Art was developed by Yoshitaka Funakoshi. AFTERMichael Field, UN karate brown belt Who UN PhDin Physics at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), a karate demonstration Tuesday.

IT does not have these photo camera Tues Tips & TricksThe computer is usually in production made the film. All movements of karateIt would seem that is the only true magic application of principles of physics.Karateka Movement is the most effective mix in motion almostWe can not continue to be maximized. Name of Karate-Do and derived fromKara Japan, empty So Do You (hand), and (Arrival / Route). DefinitionKarate-Do and the UN method of Martial Arts has been obvious with the nakedUsing the Corps and The Nature come Weapon.

   The most important secret of the movement of martial arts is the speed and movementfocusing precision of the attack (the target). All the techniques of karate isgenerate speed and efficiency. Before the start of the movement,Karateka reportedly used to take a deep breath, thenonce again, as he screamed "YOU-yaaa" to resolve the attack. InPhysics, the cry was really a way to leave the forcegenerated by very large muscles of the diaphragm (the muscle smoothMovement of the lung), this agreement very quickly. With a cry, the movementwhich made it more efficient to blow especially here.Shock, could be achieved through a beginnerSpeed of 6 meters per second, while a black belt in karatedelivered a heavy blow at a speed of 14 meters per second (faster thanSpeed of the fastest runners.) The speed of movement and the strikes are very important inKarate.

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