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Aikido (Japanese: 合 気 道, aikido) is one of the martial art from Japan that was created by Morihei Ueshiba (植 芝 盛 平 Ueshiba Morihei), which many parts derived from martial arts Daito Ryu Aiki-Jujutsu. [1] Daito Ryu Aiki-Jujutsu created in the era of Japan's modernization that took place circa 1800's.
Teaching Aikido is now to be found all over the world and in multiple streams, with interpretations and different emphases on the teachings of Ueshiba. However, all of whom inherited a share remains the same techniques, and most still maintaining the aspects of safety concern for those who attack

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When We're Dealing With Criminals

Art bell itself is the art of high-level body movement resulting from the copyright krasa tangtangan humans to answer the age. Also as a medium of education and spread of some ideology. And that certainly bleak said Ali RA "If the weakness is not a form of weakness gentleness gentleness. The violence is a form of inner weakness." And that obviously requires a minimum herdsmen hitting techniques and dispels the wolf. And time is getting worse. Humans increasingly become slaves desires. And it is clear self-defense art will never be obsolete.
Martial arts is an art which arose as a way of someone to be defended. The martial arts have long been a form and at first he was developing on the battlefield before slowly if the war had berkurangan and use of modern weapons berleluasa first used, the martial art developed initially among those who are not members of the Military but a layman.
Arguably the martial arts are in equally self-meBela not merely how to fight physically with the opponent, but more important is the strategy on how to save ourselves from the evil one's intentions. Imagine if we in the situation of street mugged by knife criminals: the life and death situation, we should not take the wrong decision. Because the decision that we should take in a few seconds it can affect our lives. So it's important to know what to do.
According to Chris Harris, in his book The Complete Idiot? S Guide to Self-Defense, there are 4 things we need to know to save yourself if the situation above.
? Prepare the Mind and MentalUsually people are reluctant to imagine the situation if he had to deal with criminals. Since this will be related to fear, namely fear that if injured, dianiyaya, or even afraid killed. And to imagine a situation like this will increase your opportunity to be able to save themselves.
Imagine if you're in a situation dealing with criminals and think about what action you would do. Do not be influenced by the stories in movies, where people can act as a hero by seizing weapons, paralyzing criminals, and so forth. Not need to act quasi-hero, think wise and realistic, observe the situation around. Find inadvertence criminals and in that time you acted quickly and appropriately.
? Identify RisksIf you are facing a criminal, then identify the risks that existed prior to making the right decision. If the risk is dikeatahui, then the decision taken should be based on the best way to save themselves. Semisalnya you mugged with a gun, and if the decision not to hand over money only to heighten the risk of being shot, then the safest choice is clear.
Why do we have to ngelawan people who use guns (could be a toy) for cash amounting to 50 thousand .. ya gak?
? Identify Existing OptionsDetermining the best course of action can be done if it has been recognized that there are risks. Some common choices considered when dealing with criminals;
- Should we run away?- Should we shout?- Should we think?- Should we refuse?- Shall act aggressively and attack?- Should we think now and waita good opportunity when he was not looking?- Etc.
? Identify the purpose of Self-Rescue
In situations faced villain, only one our goal, that is safe. If you had to choose between injured or lost their lives, then there is no other choice. Some cases of some people trying as hard as possible to not get hurt, but ended up losing his life. So the purpose of this tip is that your main priority is?. Stay alive !!!!. Trying to stay alive is the objective of every action we take in dealing with criminal threats.
Chris Harris, The Complete Idiot? S Guide to Self-Defense, Alpha Books, Macmillan USA, Inc.., 201 West 103rd Street, Indianapolis.

Martial Arts

Art bell itself is the art of high-level body movement resulting from the copyright krasa tangtangan humans to answer the age. Also as a medium of education and spread of some ideology. And that certainly bleak said Ali RA "If the weakness is not a form of weakness gentleness gentleness. The violence is a form of inner weakness." And that obviously requires a minimum herdsmen hitting techniques and dispels the wolf. And time is getting worse. Humans increasingly become slaves desires. And it is clear self-defense art will never be obsolete.
Martial arts is an art which arose as a way of someone to be defended. The martial arts have long been a form and at first he was developing on the battlefield before slowly if the war had berkurangan and use of modern weapons berleluasa first used, the martial art developed initially among those who are not members of the Military but a layman.
Arguably the martial arts are in evenly-distributed evenly in the world and almost every country has a martial art that developed in a host samaada or modified custom rather than the martial arts outside of the sink inside. As an example of the art of silat is a martial art that developed in the ASEAN countries and there is in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Brunei.
However ease of transportation and communication adapada this period ideas and facilitate the development of martial arts are no longer terhad in his homeland but has grown throughout the world.[Edit] Types
The martial arts are also divided into several types rather than the art of armed combat sharp, not sharp weapons such as wood, and the art of empty hand combat. Among the types of martial arts that exist are as follows:

1. Aikido
2. Capoeira
3. Wrestling
4. Hapkido
5. Jiu Jitsu
6. Jogo do pau
7. Judo
8. Kalaripayat
9. Karate
10. Kempo
11. Kendo
12. Kung fu
13. Muay Thai
14. NEST [citation needed]
15. Silambam
16. Silat
17. Taekwondo
18. Taido
19. Boxing
20. Tomoi
21. Wing Tsun
22. Wun-hup-Kuen-Do
23. Wushu
24. Thifan

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Yip Men

Yip Man was in 1898 in the town in the district Namhoi Fushan, Kwangtung Province, southern China, the son of a wealthy merchant family, was born. Yip Man family so that the master Chan Wah Shun, a sample flow of the Wing Chun martial art of living, and teach a small group of students in the family temple, because Chan chases's reputation as a master of the fighters, thieves and robbers who attacked the family business With 9 years Yip Man master student Chan Wah has been
Yip Man studied with Chan Wah Shun for four years until the death of the senior teacher. Yip Man then spent two and a half years training with other seniors, Ng Chun. When Yip was 16 years old, his parents sent him to Hong Kong to St. Stephen's College to visit. It soon became a group of peers who offer and accept the challenges of Kung Fu liked connected. He welcomed the possibility that the results of training Wing Chun for the real exam to present. Yip acknowledges that he likes to fight. He takes the challenge with little provocation.Once dared Yip to go to an old kung-fu master who worked in silk challenge. The man in his 50s and very eccentric. Yip Man met this person, Yip, before the entire position Siu Lim Tao of Wing Chun.After the old agreed to a game, Yip immediately attacked the old man finds himself and immersed in the waters of the bay from Hong Kong. After repeated attempts and repeated attacks, no one has been the target. Yip Man was eventually want to learn from the old.Yip Man learned early on that the old man was Leung Bik. Leung Bik Wing Chun to explain the differences in styles of teaching and Shun Chan Yip Man began teaching as a student. Yip Man and Leung Bik study together for two and a half years.Yip Man returned to Fushan and said to the elders who had met the old man. If the senior mock, Yip Man challenge and beat her with his new knowledge. Yip Man lived in Fushan where he was involved with the police and raised a family name. In 1948, Yip Man fled to Hong Kong during the Revolution.Hong Kong has become a homeless and penniless, Yip Man should enjoy protection and working in a restaurant. Yip Man studied the instructor (Leung Sheung), who teaches a class at the restaurant.Leung Sheung then a practitioner of Kung Fu Bak Mai After observing the class for some time, demonstrated its capabilities in the Yip Man Wing Chun Leung Sheung. Leung Sheung Yip Man was the first student in Hong Kong presented. After that Yip Man began teaching Wing Chun for the restaurant workers. Yip Man finally move teaching.
Yip Man was a well-trained fighters, famous students, among others, Wong Shun Leung, Grandmaster William Cheung and Bruce Lee.After 20 years of teaching in Hong Kong, Yip Man died in 1972

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The development of Kungfu

Called kung fu is not today. In Chinese martial arts ability is called "Science Silat" in Wushu or Kung Fu. Ancient refers kung fu skill and stamina and the test-better carpentry, experts, agricultural experts, cooking and other experts - other.
Kungfu famous and very popular after or Little Dragons Kung Fu Bruce Lee introduced the term throughout the western world.Fascinated also jolted the western world with the expertise of Bruce Lee in speed and strength to beat the experts - other martial arts experts in minutes and even seconds. So the more famous Kungfu films and in society in general.

Kung fu Originally born from the creativity and krasa people protect themselves from wild animal attacks. Then according to age tangtangan berkedngan protect themselves from attacks from wild animals, then develop into debt hewan.Dan power to hunt and keep power. Later had to defend themselves from oppression. With the development of medical science and the human body in ancient China - and a long civil war, a Kung Fu Martial Arts is growing rapidly and widely disseminated, taking the many contributions and influence on the embryo of different types of martial arts forms in Asia, such as Karate, Tae Kwondo, Kempo, Pencak Silat and others.

Kungfu has a history and tradition of martial arts is very long, hard, proven and effective from 5000 years ago as well as those cult Dao (Taoism), which later developed into a particular religion. In's 2500, began popping up flow various Kungfu legendary until now, starting from the Shaolin Temple (Siaw Liem sie), Wudang (Butong), Omei (Emei-Gobi), Kun Lun, Hua San, San Thian, Khongtong and other -other. In general, there are 100 more Kungfu flow and thousands of moves and different types of unique and weird science, between the most rugged and malignant (external arts) with information on the most delicate and light as cotton (internal arts) Flow is different and the sciences are still far Hung Gar, Lohan, Ngo Cho, Ho Pek, Eng Jiaw, Qin Na, Wing Chun, Tai Chi Quan, Hsing I, Ba Gua, Yi Quan, Fan Zi Quan, Chang Quan and others. other.

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The Kungfu

Kungfu is a martial arts number one of the most famous in the world. Both in the real world as well as in the film world. Also evident are the most dangerous martial.

Kung fu is a martial arts master from China. However, the meaning of the word kung fu is actually a broad meaning, namely something that is acquired in a long time and with earnest diligence. So great an expert cook who can be said to have kung-fu high.
Besides the word kung fu, wushu and kun dao term is also often used to refer to martial arts from China. While Kungfu science that has spread to Southeast Asia (especially Indonesia) in the past called Kuntao, according to Donn Draeger in his book entitled Weapons and Fighting Arts of Indonesia. But in the present, the term Kuntao is already very rarely used.

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Kick Cangcorang and history part 3 (finish)

Every day clandestinely Ah Nam train his new moves. The students Sholin nobody knew what dilkukan An Nam.

Once, while in the presence of Su prides kepandainnya Sholin disciples suddenly came to see Ah Nam. Thus arose his intention to shame Ah Nam in the presence of the brothers
He did not know if Ah Nam are now much different from the previous one direct hit fall. Su attacked as she let out a laugh Ah Nam cold. But Ah Nam unperturbed at all, even with him easily dodge the attack, then strike back. In one breakthrough course somersaults Su contrived by him.
Pupils - students who are already fed up Sholin on arrogance / conceit Su, cheering - cheering when watching these developments.

Hearing the loud voice shout out, Siau Hui Taysu out. Ah Nam Dilhatnya fallen brother managed to beat the level, using martial arts moves that are not derived from Siau Lim Sie, it makes the preacher surprise. Hui Siuw Tasu directly asked where Ah Nam learn the tricks. Ah Nam frank.
Hi Siuw Taysu who realize intelligence Ah Nam, took her for perfecting tricks Cangcorangnya.
After Ah Nam back to Kwan-tong, he moves disseminate homeland Cangcorangnya in Kowloon. Kick Cangcorang ever exhibited in films such as "Warrior Two" and so forth.
(Tat Go Lunch)

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Kick Cangcorang and history part 2

It made Ah Nam became very anxious. Fortunately, the innkeeper, Yen, A good-hearted, crying for help to Siau Hui Lim Siau Sie Taysu of staying there who happened to treat Ah Nam.
After treatment a few days, sick Ah Nam gradually recovered and was soon restored his health. But Ah Nam are now having difficulties living.
"You want to work?" Ask the innkeeper."Whatever works I am willing to do," said Ah Nam spontaneous, Yen, the owner of the inn, soon see Siau Hui Taysu who became her best friend was, asked him to bring to Siauw Lim Ah Nam Sie, helped work on the temple kitchen.

As usual the people who are in the Vihara Siauw Lim, whether he priest or ordinary people, whether high or low position, have to learn martial arts. Each day they gather to practice martial arts for two hours. Similarly, Ah Nam, are required to come to practice martial arts.
In the kitchen there are workers who are proud temple, his name is Su. One day, Su is a strong well-built and was jokingly wanted to hit Ah Nam. Su is the long and high enough intelligence silatnya. Ah Nam actually do not like noise, especially new people in the monastery he was. But because of forced Ah Nam hit against him. Of course, Ah Nam are not yet capable silatnya, once beat immediately fell.
Ah Nam Su immediately lowered his body weak. Su too proud of her courage. Ah Nam only to hold patience, not knowing just how long he could drop Su.
One day Ah Nam roads into the forest. - Then he heard the sound of birds pathetic squeak. Ah Nam surprise, considering he saw around him there is a sparrow who is competing against cangcorang above Siong tree not far from it. Cangcorang sparrow pecks. Cangcorang suddenly lifted a pair of hands, parry the benchmark opponent as he attacks the neck of the bird proximate to the church.

Sparrow was pathetic squeak and fall to the ground. Finally the bird did not move the church again. Ah Nam considers the fight is incredible, considering the bird's body, he saw fresh blood flowing from a long line wound in the neck of the brung, part cangcorang attack.
Ah Nam is an intelligent young man, immediately got the idea after witnessing the incident. Her thoughts: "How good use in ways cangcorang blow."
Nam Ah thought so then catch some tail cangcorang, let them fight, Ah Nam kept watching, finally managed to create a martial arts stance on how to fight cangcongrang.

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Kick Cangcorang and history Part 1

 In ancient times "Cangcorang" never rule Siau Lim pay. This jutsu was created in Shrine Siauw olh Lim Ah Chiu Nam. The history of the creation of this stance is a bit strange.
Ah Chiu Hiu-ming-born Nam, Kwan - keg. He descendants of people rich enough. Since I was a teenager suffering Chiu Ah Nam Maag. Already seeing a few sinshes (Physician) who is an expert, but the illness remains incurable. His father was sad thinking about his sick son not go away. Ah Nam's father thought, that the weather and food in places that are not suitable for children. Ah Nam's father believes, if his son to travel seven and can travel long distances and can be met with "Doctor Sakti", perhaps the disease could be cured.
Thinking so, then Ah Nam was given enough stock together with a maid, to travel far, while trade all cruise and treat disease. Ah Nam was obedient, he went from Kwan Ho-tong till night.

Chiu Nam Ah young young, the first time to travel long distances while trade and did not know about the health, Ah Nam getting sick. Because life is not regular, then maagnya getting sick.
During a month to treat sick by staying at the inn, Ah Nam Ulcer pain is not cured even more severe, the money is being used out of medical supplies and everyday fare.
It made Ah Nam became very anxious. Fortunately, the innkeeper, Yen, A good-hearted, crying for help to Siau Hui Lim Siau Sie Taysu of staying there who happened to treat Ah Nam.
After treatment a few days, sick Ah Nam gradually recovered and was soon restored his health. But Ah Nam are now having difficulties living.

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The creation of "Ngo Heng Kun" (5 Jutsu Shadow = Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Panther and Crane).

The creation of "Ngo Heng Kun" (5 Jutsu Shadow = Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Panther and Crane).

   After several hundred years of the founding of Siau Lim Pay with a basis given by Tatmo Cousu, appears a disciple named Chiu Siau Lim Guan JIN AFTERNOON, a very intelligent young man more discipline, which later became the leader of the Temple. "

   Chiu-jin-guan afternoon came from-Chin Giam, very tetarik will martial arts Shaolin Kung Fu. So he came to the Vihara Siau Lim and do not hesitate to clean out the head of a priest Siuw Lim Sie, in order to study the "Shaolin Kung Fu."

   Thanks to the perseverance that is supported talents, she not only has managed to learn all the Kung Fu from Siauw Lim, and even managed to further improve the "Cap-pwee Lo-han-chin" (jutsu 8 Arha) to Cit-stamp-ji-chiu "( 72 movements).

   Since then the number of people who learn martial arts grew, many who had come from distant places just want to learn martial arts Siuw Lim Pay. However Chio-jin-guan Siang has not also satisfied with the results that have been achieved. Chio-jin-guan Noon to 72 want to further enhance this movement

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Know Your Cousu Mo Tat

Know Your Cousu Mo Tat

    Tatmo originating from Indian country, became pastor in Siau Lim Sie in the year 520. For 9 monitoring view him praying / meditating in a closed room to breathe - in power.

   Later see the priests in the monastery is more bersamedi and lack of exercise, making their muscles loosened. Tatmo then create basic science "Shaolin Kung Fu", which gave the name "KIN Yit Keng", which originally were 18 moves, as well as' CAP-PWEE loo-HAN KANG ", which originally were 18 moves, as well as" Loo-CAP-PWEE HAN KANG "(Kick-Jutsu Arhad = Vihara guards) who were 18 moves, too.

   That is why Tatmo regarded as the creator of martial arts "Shaolin Kung Fu" (Science Pay Silat Lim Siau), dubbed as Tatmo Cousu.

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Shaolin Temple


Indeed, Lim Siau Sie can not be separated with a Shaolin Kung Fu-na's. Because the moves of Shaolin Kung Fu was originally "digodog" in the famous monastery.

Lim Siau Siau Lim Sie or monastery built in the mountain Siog (Siong - San), the government of Hong Teng, Province of Ho-Lam. Besides Siong-San, this mountain has many names, among others, Tiong-no, Tay-sek, Chong Pao-san and Chio-san. But of the many names of the most famous is the name Siong-San.

Actually, who built this temple originating from India (Thian-tiok), the Reverend Pa-to. Lim Siau monastery was built during the reign of Emperor Hsiao Bun Tee (Tong-tauw) in 467-499.

At the beginning of Tong Dynasty, the situation is very chaotic pupil - disciple of Shaolin (Siau Lim) who - average has a very high kepadaian, managed to quell the riots that made the Kingdom of Tong-Tiauw become peaceful again. Eventually Emperor Siaouw Bun-tee has expanded the monastery buildings, as the government awards to people - people Siau Lim.

As is often the life that is not "eternal" state, as well as a long-Sie Lim Siau, often experience the tidal wave.

During the reign of Emperor Kian-tee (541 -604 years). Monastery - the monastery destroyed throughout China's mainland, is no exception Siauw Lim Sie.

But during the reign of Bun - tee who believe that Buddhism, the Emperor has provided a vast land to rebuild the temple.

During the reign of Bu-Houw (694 -705) Siau Lim Pay peak arrival kejayaannya.Tetapi Cheng dynasty, Beng-Tiauw many patriots who never want their homeland was occupied by other nations who were hiding in Shrine Siau Lim. This resulted in Suauw Lim Sie despised by the royal Boang-Cheng.

It is said that after two times attacked with fire and good - good at martial arts from the kingdom Boan-Cheng, then Vihara tersbut successfully eradicated. When the battered monastery, people Lim Siau Sie many self to self menyelamatakan. Part of running to the North and some fled to the South.

Apparently since then, people - people Lim Siau Sie which fled to North deepen and develop the science silatnya tailored to the environment in the North. Likewise, who fled to South apparently also developed in accordance with the environmental science silatnya South.

Since then there was two in the martial arts aliaran Siauw Liem. North Aliaran called "Mr. Lim Siau-pay" more priority kicks, while South aliaran called "Lam Lim Siau-pay" focus more on the pukulan.Tapi it was just an outline only. There are moments - moments from the North who did not use the kick at all, like: Sin Yu Kun (Shadow Kick-Sufficient) and Pat Kwa Kun (Kick Pat Kwa) derived from the flow of the North, including Sin Yu Kun.

With the burning of the monastery Siauw Lim, many of his disciples Lim Siau minded patriot and wants to rebuild the country from the hands Tiauw Beng-Cheng Boan colonizers, the fled to various places, many who fled the South stricken area, beyond the reach of the power jauhdi Boan-Cheng.

During the reign of Emperor Kian Liong, there are some people such as students Siau Lim Lie-bun Lo-cu, Tou-tee, Kan-Hoat and others who build Lim Siau Sie Hok-growing province, received the students, teach Sin Kun (Punch Sakti), Gin-kang (Science lighten the body), Eng-kang (outside of hard science), Joan-kang (Soft-workers in Science.)

The students Vihara in Hok-Lim Siau this increasingly, is widespread in Hok-growing province, Kiang-sie, Ouw night, Kwan-tong (Cantonese) and other areas.

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Secrets of Greatness Karate

Secrets of Greatness Karate

    The main secret in the martial arts movement is the movement speed and accuracy of focus attacks (target). All the technique in Karate intended untukmenghasilkan speed and power efficient. Before starting the movement, karateka accustomed to take a deep breath, then released again as he cried aloud "HAI-yaaa" when releasing the attack. In physics, the cry was actually a way to release a very large force generated by the muscles of the diaphragm (the muscle that regulates the movement of the lungs) that contract very quickly. With a scream, which made the movement become more efficient, especially in doing blow.

Figure 1 Karateka Hitting the Target.

    In Figure 1 a karateka is hitting the target is made of wood. When his hand hit the target timber, there is momentum transferred from the hand to the target. The magnitude of force experienced by the timber a result of this stroke is highly dependent on how much momentum is transferred and how long the transfer time. The greater the momentum transferred the greater the force experienced by the wood. And the less time transfer the greater the force it. Karateka in Figure 1 at first stood by fist facing up. Then he gave momentum to the hand by moving it forward. Momentum for more hands large, karateka agency helped push (push the body would be more effective if during this process fist rotates one hundred eighty degrees, so that now the fist facing down). Furthermore, this large momentum transferred in as little as possible. Transfer time for small as possible, after hitting the target, the karateka immediately withdrew his hand quickly. To obtain the effect of a bigger blow, the pressure exerted by the hand of the karateka must be greater. This is obtained by making the surface of the touch between the hands and targets as small as possible. In this section is suitable to hit the metacarpal bones (the bone between the fingers and wrist, figure 2).

Figure 2 Transfer Momentum is big.

   A karateka is able to hit targets with about 150 joules of energy. If a karateka is hit with the palm of his hand (width about 150 cm square), then the energy that is felt by the target point is only 1 joule per centimeter squared (ie 150 joule/150 cm2). But if the karateka is using the side of his hand that the width is smaller (for example, with an area of 15 cm square), then the energy that is felt by the target point could reach 10 joules per square centimeter, this course will provide a much greater effect. That's why targeting accuracy (blow which concentrated on the surface area as small as possible) is very important in karate. Figure 3 shows the parts of the hands and feet are often used to attack targets because it can effectively transfer momentum to the goal and has a surface as small as possible.

Figure 3 Parts of the body are used to attack.

    To break the block of wood, concrete, brick or block of ice, blow a karateka should be able to provide a greater pressure than the elastic limit (spasticity) that can be tolerated by these objects. Elastic limit of Figure 4. Breaking betontiap different objects. Concrete has the elastic limit (maximum crushing) 400 kg per centimeter square.

Figure 4 Breaking Concrete

    This means that if the concrete was hit with a force equivalent weight of 400 kg, in an area of one square centimeter,the concrete will be broken. Elastic limit of human bones at 40 times the elastic limit of the concrete shaft that is more difficult to be broken (a broken during a collision is a concrete stem and not the leg or arm bone man who hit him). Additionally, human hands and feet is also equipped with various ligaments, tendons, muscles, and skin that can help dispersing forces acceptable to the whole body (style no longer be concentrated), which in turn can absorb the force of 2,000 times the acceptable maximum force concrete. Hands and feet become stronger karateka with increasing frequency due to the adaptation exercise with the formation of callus tissue (callus) that can absorb the force received and mendifusikan during a collision (the hands and feet do not feel sick at all though beam collides with a hard solid.) Hands and feet are not trained
very easily hurt because the skin surface was too smooth. With practice Bigersson serious Mikael (Sweden) entered Guinness Book with 21 breaking concrete blocks measuring 60 cm x 20 cm x 7 cm by using his hands within 1 minute ago in 2001 (ck.. ck ... so great .... .).

   So, all the wonders of Karate was to be studied using the principles of physics. Movements can be increased variations using various strategies that borrow concepts and laws of physics. There is no trick or magic involved. The secret lies only in the combination of concentration and mental and physical preparedness as well as good knowledge of  physics .

(Yohanes Surya).

Monday, November 1, 2010

About Science Karate

About Science Karate

Karate a knight is not attacking people first.

   Karate martial arts martial arts are also called hand kosong.Oleh therefore, as the name suggests, it is a karateka gun is simply what is on the body (with members of our body where it can be used as a powerful weapon) or with other meanings that with his bare hands, ready to face the opponent's attack and finish it in a powerful way by means of techniques that are owned.At this moment already merupaan karate martial arts really multicomplex and really powerful compared to the first recognition in Japan. In 1923 by Mr. international karate Gichin Funkoshi. but then in 1984, karate meet a clear and teruatama forum once in tehniknya uniformity.

   Karate has many streams at the present time, but azaz dasaranya is the same.Yes basic fundamentals of martial arts or learn karate to break down the questions flow techniques karate martial arts that others might not be fully megalami kesukaran.Latihan feelings with his training in the basics and the use of existing techniques for those who have been able to understand and practice properly, then by his own movement speed .

   In accordance with the finesse and the increasing number of techniques you already have, then in the free exercise of Adana to do battle, always train your mind to do the processing speed of combining existing tehniktehnik, thus achieved martial arts ang really active and high quality.