Friday, November 19, 2010

When We're Dealing With Criminals

Art bell itself is the art of high-level body movement resulting from the copyright krasa tangtangan humans to answer the age. Also as a medium of education and spread of some ideology. And that certainly bleak said Ali RA "If the weakness is not a form of weakness gentleness gentleness. The violence is a form of inner weakness." And that obviously requires a minimum herdsmen hitting techniques and dispels the wolf. And time is getting worse. Humans increasingly become slaves desires. And it is clear self-defense art will never be obsolete.
Martial arts is an art which arose as a way of someone to be defended. The martial arts have long been a form and at first he was developing on the battlefield before slowly if the war had berkurangan and use of modern weapons berleluasa first used, the martial art developed initially among those who are not members of the Military but a layman.
Arguably the martial arts are in equally self-meBela not merely how to fight physically with the opponent, but more important is the strategy on how to save ourselves from the evil one's intentions. Imagine if we in the situation of street mugged by knife criminals: the life and death situation, we should not take the wrong decision. Because the decision that we should take in a few seconds it can affect our lives. So it's important to know what to do.
According to Chris Harris, in his book The Complete Idiot? S Guide to Self-Defense, there are 4 things we need to know to save yourself if the situation above.
? Prepare the Mind and MentalUsually people are reluctant to imagine the situation if he had to deal with criminals. Since this will be related to fear, namely fear that if injured, dianiyaya, or even afraid killed. And to imagine a situation like this will increase your opportunity to be able to save themselves.
Imagine if you're in a situation dealing with criminals and think about what action you would do. Do not be influenced by the stories in movies, where people can act as a hero by seizing weapons, paralyzing criminals, and so forth. Not need to act quasi-hero, think wise and realistic, observe the situation around. Find inadvertence criminals and in that time you acted quickly and appropriately.
? Identify RisksIf you are facing a criminal, then identify the risks that existed prior to making the right decision. If the risk is dikeatahui, then the decision taken should be based on the best way to save themselves. Semisalnya you mugged with a gun, and if the decision not to hand over money only to heighten the risk of being shot, then the safest choice is clear.
Why do we have to ngelawan people who use guns (could be a toy) for cash amounting to 50 thousand .. ya gak?
? Identify Existing OptionsDetermining the best course of action can be done if it has been recognized that there are risks. Some common choices considered when dealing with criminals;
- Should we run away?- Should we shout?- Should we think?- Should we refuse?- Shall act aggressively and attack?- Should we think now and waita good opportunity when he was not looking?- Etc.
? Identify the purpose of Self-Rescue
In situations faced villain, only one our goal, that is safe. If you had to choose between injured or lost their lives, then there is no other choice. Some cases of some people trying as hard as possible to not get hurt, but ended up losing his life. So the purpose of this tip is that your main priority is?. Stay alive !!!!. Trying to stay alive is the objective of every action we take in dealing with criminal threats.
Chris Harris, The Complete Idiot? S Guide to Self-Defense, Alpha Books, Macmillan USA, Inc.., 201 West 103rd Street, Indianapolis.

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