Friday, November 12, 2010

Yip Men

Yip Man was in 1898 in the town in the district Namhoi Fushan, Kwangtung Province, southern China, the son of a wealthy merchant family, was born. Yip Man family so that the master Chan Wah Shun, a sample flow of the Wing Chun martial art of living, and teach a small group of students in the family temple, because Chan chases's reputation as a master of the fighters, thieves and robbers who attacked the family business With 9 years Yip Man master student Chan Wah has been
Yip Man studied with Chan Wah Shun for four years until the death of the senior teacher. Yip Man then spent two and a half years training with other seniors, Ng Chun. When Yip was 16 years old, his parents sent him to Hong Kong to St. Stephen's College to visit. It soon became a group of peers who offer and accept the challenges of Kung Fu liked connected. He welcomed the possibility that the results of training Wing Chun for the real exam to present. Yip acknowledges that he likes to fight. He takes the challenge with little provocation.Once dared Yip to go to an old kung-fu master who worked in silk challenge. The man in his 50s and very eccentric. Yip Man met this person, Yip, before the entire position Siu Lim Tao of Wing Chun.After the old agreed to a game, Yip immediately attacked the old man finds himself and immersed in the waters of the bay from Hong Kong. After repeated attempts and repeated attacks, no one has been the target. Yip Man was eventually want to learn from the old.Yip Man learned early on that the old man was Leung Bik. Leung Bik Wing Chun to explain the differences in styles of teaching and Shun Chan Yip Man began teaching as a student. Yip Man and Leung Bik study together for two and a half years.Yip Man returned to Fushan and said to the elders who had met the old man. If the senior mock, Yip Man challenge and beat her with his new knowledge. Yip Man lived in Fushan where he was involved with the police and raised a family name. In 1948, Yip Man fled to Hong Kong during the Revolution.Hong Kong has become a homeless and penniless, Yip Man should enjoy protection and working in a restaurant. Yip Man studied the instructor (Leung Sheung), who teaches a class at the restaurant.Leung Sheung then a practitioner of Kung Fu Bak Mai After observing the class for some time, demonstrated its capabilities in the Yip Man Wing Chun Leung Sheung. Leung Sheung Yip Man was the first student in Hong Kong presented. After that Yip Man began teaching Wing Chun for the restaurant workers. Yip Man finally move teaching.
Yip Man was a well-trained fighters, famous students, among others, Wong Shun Leung, Grandmaster William Cheung and Bruce Lee.After 20 years of teaching in Hong Kong, Yip Man died in 1972

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