Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kick Cangcorang and history Part 1

 In ancient times "Cangcorang" never rule Siau Lim pay. This jutsu was created in Shrine Siauw olh Lim Ah Chiu Nam. The history of the creation of this stance is a bit strange.
Ah Chiu Hiu-ming-born Nam, Kwan - keg. He descendants of people rich enough. Since I was a teenager suffering Chiu Ah Nam Maag. Already seeing a few sinshes (Physician) who is an expert, but the illness remains incurable. His father was sad thinking about his sick son not go away. Ah Nam's father thought, that the weather and food in places that are not suitable for children. Ah Nam's father believes, if his son to travel seven and can travel long distances and can be met with "Doctor Sakti", perhaps the disease could be cured.
Thinking so, then Ah Nam was given enough stock together with a maid, to travel far, while trade all cruise and treat disease. Ah Nam was obedient, he went from Kwan Ho-tong till night.

Chiu Nam Ah young young, the first time to travel long distances while trade and did not know about the health, Ah Nam getting sick. Because life is not regular, then maagnya getting sick.
During a month to treat sick by staying at the inn, Ah Nam Ulcer pain is not cured even more severe, the money is being used out of medical supplies and everyday fare.
It made Ah Nam became very anxious. Fortunately, the innkeeper, Yen, A good-hearted, crying for help to Siau Hui Lim Siau Sie Taysu of staying there who happened to treat Ah Nam.
After treatment a few days, sick Ah Nam gradually recovered and was soon restored his health. But Ah Nam are now having difficulties living.

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