Monday, November 1, 2010

About Science Karate

About Science Karate

Karate a knight is not attacking people first.

   Karate martial arts martial arts are also called hand kosong.Oleh therefore, as the name suggests, it is a karateka gun is simply what is on the body (with members of our body where it can be used as a powerful weapon) or with other meanings that with his bare hands, ready to face the opponent's attack and finish it in a powerful way by means of techniques that are owned.At this moment already merupaan karate martial arts really multicomplex and really powerful compared to the first recognition in Japan. In 1923 by Mr. international karate Gichin Funkoshi. but then in 1984, karate meet a clear and teruatama forum once in tehniknya uniformity.

   Karate has many streams at the present time, but azaz dasaranya is the same.Yes basic fundamentals of martial arts or learn karate to break down the questions flow techniques karate martial arts that others might not be fully megalami kesukaran.Latihan feelings with his training in the basics and the use of existing techniques for those who have been able to understand and practice properly, then by his own movement speed .

   In accordance with the finesse and the increasing number of techniques you already have, then in the free exercise of Adana to do battle, always train your mind to do the processing speed of combining existing tehniktehnik, thus achieved martial arts ang really active and high quality.

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