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Shaolin Temple


Indeed, Lim Siau Sie can not be separated with a Shaolin Kung Fu-na's. Because the moves of Shaolin Kung Fu was originally "digodog" in the famous monastery.

Lim Siau Siau Lim Sie or monastery built in the mountain Siog (Siong - San), the government of Hong Teng, Province of Ho-Lam. Besides Siong-San, this mountain has many names, among others, Tiong-no, Tay-sek, Chong Pao-san and Chio-san. But of the many names of the most famous is the name Siong-San.

Actually, who built this temple originating from India (Thian-tiok), the Reverend Pa-to. Lim Siau monastery was built during the reign of Emperor Hsiao Bun Tee (Tong-tauw) in 467-499.

At the beginning of Tong Dynasty, the situation is very chaotic pupil - disciple of Shaolin (Siau Lim) who - average has a very high kepadaian, managed to quell the riots that made the Kingdom of Tong-Tiauw become peaceful again. Eventually Emperor Siaouw Bun-tee has expanded the monastery buildings, as the government awards to people - people Siau Lim.

As is often the life that is not "eternal" state, as well as a long-Sie Lim Siau, often experience the tidal wave.

During the reign of Emperor Kian-tee (541 -604 years). Monastery - the monastery destroyed throughout China's mainland, is no exception Siauw Lim Sie.

But during the reign of Bun - tee who believe that Buddhism, the Emperor has provided a vast land to rebuild the temple.

During the reign of Bu-Houw (694 -705) Siau Lim Pay peak arrival kejayaannya.Tetapi Cheng dynasty, Beng-Tiauw many patriots who never want their homeland was occupied by other nations who were hiding in Shrine Siau Lim. This resulted in Suauw Lim Sie despised by the royal Boang-Cheng.

It is said that after two times attacked with fire and good - good at martial arts from the kingdom Boan-Cheng, then Vihara tersbut successfully eradicated. When the battered monastery, people Lim Siau Sie many self to self menyelamatakan. Part of running to the North and some fled to the South.

Apparently since then, people - people Lim Siau Sie which fled to North deepen and develop the science silatnya tailored to the environment in the North. Likewise, who fled to South apparently also developed in accordance with the environmental science silatnya South.

Since then there was two in the martial arts aliaran Siauw Liem. North Aliaran called "Mr. Lim Siau-pay" more priority kicks, while South aliaran called "Lam Lim Siau-pay" focus more on the pukulan.Tapi it was just an outline only. There are moments - moments from the North who did not use the kick at all, like: Sin Yu Kun (Shadow Kick-Sufficient) and Pat Kwa Kun (Kick Pat Kwa) derived from the flow of the North, including Sin Yu Kun.

With the burning of the monastery Siauw Lim, many of his disciples Lim Siau minded patriot and wants to rebuild the country from the hands Tiauw Beng-Cheng Boan colonizers, the fled to various places, many who fled the South stricken area, beyond the reach of the power jauhdi Boan-Cheng.

During the reign of Emperor Kian Liong, there are some people such as students Siau Lim Lie-bun Lo-cu, Tou-tee, Kan-Hoat and others who build Lim Siau Sie Hok-growing province, received the students, teach Sin Kun (Punch Sakti), Gin-kang (Science lighten the body), Eng-kang (outside of hard science), Joan-kang (Soft-workers in Science.)

The students Vihara in Hok-Lim Siau this increasingly, is widespread in Hok-growing province, Kiang-sie, Ouw night, Kwan-tong (Cantonese) and other areas.

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