Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Kungfu

Kungfu is a martial arts number one of the most famous in the world. Both in the real world as well as in the film world. Also evident are the most dangerous martial.

Kung fu is a martial arts master from China. However, the meaning of the word kung fu is actually a broad meaning, namely something that is acquired in a long time and with earnest diligence. So great an expert cook who can be said to have kung-fu high.
Besides the word kung fu, wushu and kun dao term is also often used to refer to martial arts from China. While Kungfu science that has spread to Southeast Asia (especially Indonesia) in the past called Kuntao, according to Donn Draeger in his book entitled Weapons and Fighting Arts of Indonesia. But in the present, the term Kuntao is already very rarely used.

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