Monday, November 8, 2010

Kick Cangcorang and history part 2

It made Ah Nam became very anxious. Fortunately, the innkeeper, Yen, A good-hearted, crying for help to Siau Hui Lim Siau Sie Taysu of staying there who happened to treat Ah Nam.
After treatment a few days, sick Ah Nam gradually recovered and was soon restored his health. But Ah Nam are now having difficulties living.
"You want to work?" Ask the innkeeper."Whatever works I am willing to do," said Ah Nam spontaneous, Yen, the owner of the inn, soon see Siau Hui Taysu who became her best friend was, asked him to bring to Siauw Lim Ah Nam Sie, helped work on the temple kitchen.

As usual the people who are in the Vihara Siauw Lim, whether he priest or ordinary people, whether high or low position, have to learn martial arts. Each day they gather to practice martial arts for two hours. Similarly, Ah Nam, are required to come to practice martial arts.
In the kitchen there are workers who are proud temple, his name is Su. One day, Su is a strong well-built and was jokingly wanted to hit Ah Nam. Su is the long and high enough intelligence silatnya. Ah Nam actually do not like noise, especially new people in the monastery he was. But because of forced Ah Nam hit against him. Of course, Ah Nam are not yet capable silatnya, once beat immediately fell.
Ah Nam Su immediately lowered his body weak. Su too proud of her courage. Ah Nam only to hold patience, not knowing just how long he could drop Su.
One day Ah Nam roads into the forest. - Then he heard the sound of birds pathetic squeak. Ah Nam surprise, considering he saw around him there is a sparrow who is competing against cangcorang above Siong tree not far from it. Cangcorang sparrow pecks. Cangcorang suddenly lifted a pair of hands, parry the benchmark opponent as he attacks the neck of the bird proximate to the church.

Sparrow was pathetic squeak and fall to the ground. Finally the bird did not move the church again. Ah Nam considers the fight is incredible, considering the bird's body, he saw fresh blood flowing from a long line wound in the neck of the brung, part cangcorang attack.
Ah Nam is an intelligent young man, immediately got the idea after witnessing the incident. Her thoughts: "How good use in ways cangcorang blow."
Nam Ah thought so then catch some tail cangcorang, let them fight, Ah Nam kept watching, finally managed to create a martial arts stance on how to fight cangcongrang.

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