Friday, November 19, 2010

Martial Arts

Art bell itself is the art of high-level body movement resulting from the copyright krasa tangtangan humans to answer the age. Also as a medium of education and spread of some ideology. And that certainly bleak said Ali RA "If the weakness is not a form of weakness gentleness gentleness. The violence is a form of inner weakness." And that obviously requires a minimum herdsmen hitting techniques and dispels the wolf. And time is getting worse. Humans increasingly become slaves desires. And it is clear self-defense art will never be obsolete.
Martial arts is an art which arose as a way of someone to be defended. The martial arts have long been a form and at first he was developing on the battlefield before slowly if the war had berkurangan and use of modern weapons berleluasa first used, the martial art developed initially among those who are not members of the Military but a layman.
Arguably the martial arts are in evenly-distributed evenly in the world and almost every country has a martial art that developed in a host samaada or modified custom rather than the martial arts outside of the sink inside. As an example of the art of silat is a martial art that developed in the ASEAN countries and there is in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Brunei.
However ease of transportation and communication adapada this period ideas and facilitate the development of martial arts are no longer terhad in his homeland but has grown throughout the world.[Edit] Types
The martial arts are also divided into several types rather than the art of armed combat sharp, not sharp weapons such as wood, and the art of empty hand combat. Among the types of martial arts that exist are as follows:

1. Aikido
2. Capoeira
3. Wrestling
4. Hapkido
5. Jiu Jitsu
6. Jogo do pau
7. Judo
8. Kalaripayat
9. Karate
10. Kempo
11. Kendo
12. Kung fu
13. Muay Thai
14. NEST [citation needed]
15. Silambam
16. Silat
17. Taekwondo
18. Taido
19. Boxing
20. Tomoi
21. Wing Tsun
22. Wun-hup-Kuen-Do
23. Wushu
24. Thifan

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