Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ashley McKenzie

Pokemon Cards This British judo mum Life Change

Dartford, KOMPAS.com - Ashley McKenzie smiled broadly when told how to fight the battle on Pokemon cards has changed his life. He turned away from a troubled youth, became one of Britain's best hopes for Olympic judo medal of England branch in 2012.
After being expelled from school because it got into a fight near his home in West London, living McKenzie, who was then aged 11 years, changed. The fight was triggered because of a boy trying to retrieve a pack of valuable pokemonnya Charizard card.

"Charizard is the best card. This card is like my life time," he said.

"I held his shirt, and somehow all of a sudden I was on their shoulders. Before I was a boxer, so I know this is not true."

"I came again, and when approached, I was thrown by him. I think, what happened? How could he throw me? He hurt me."

McKenzie rushed home to his house and find the info from the internet. Later, he learned that he had been beaten with judo moves. McKenzie went to the local sports club and he met the boy who had beaten her. Complete with his Pokemon cards.

"We talk to each other, then we became friends. I then began to pursue judo. Of course, I get my Pokemon cards back," he added with a laugh.

McKenzie, who is now 23 years old, very open about his past problems. He was very proud of how he had changed his life.

She used routinely expelled from school and spent time in jail the children. However, by joining in judo, his talent looks and a series of victories in the junior championship was achieved.

"I started to win a game by game, and I think my mother was happy to hear that. Brother and my father was also pleased. I used to have problems in school," he said.

"It's like a balance. I'm doing something positive. I am focusing all my energies on judo. From that point, my life is soaring."

When it comes to expectations will McKenzie Olympic gold medal, it seems these young athletes really want it. However, although later in the 2012 London Olympics is he does not get a medal, McKenzie persist in the Brazilian Olympic gold in 2016.


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