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Taido (躰 道) is a Japanese martial art founded by Seiken Shukumine in 1965. The name "Taido" means "the way the body and soul" (internal and external). Taido had a relationship with Okinawa karate. First Seiken Shukumine Genseiryu karate founded in 1950, but in the 1960's he found that the flow of martial arts, he was far away from karate, so he founded the new martial view the name of Taido

Basic Techniques
Taido has five forms of the basic techniques are:

Techniques included in this form covers the movements that use a vertical rotation of the body to generate power attack fighter.

This form includes techniques that use body weight movements to generate power attack fighter, by way of foot stomping or jumping.

This form uses the momentum changes generated by changes in the axis of the body to generate power attack, this form is widely used to attack at once away from the opponent's attack.

This form uses a horizontal rotation of the body to generate power attack fighter.

This form uses acrobatic movements to penetrate defense and attack as well as generate power.
Back flip, roll and spring back are examples of movements that are used in this form.

Taido's motto is "attacking at once survived". Not like the branches of other martial arts, Taido more concerned with "evasion" (avoiding the attacks) while the defense is only used as a last resort. The idea is based on the fact where the real battle, the body weight difference between a fighter can exceed 20 kg, whereas a difference of 10 kg only rebuttal is not recommended for use.
Attacking from different angles. Taido not advocate direct attack from the front, but rather chose to attack the opponent's body parts are not guarded. To achieve this goal, the fighter taido not stay in one place but always moving around the opponent. In addition to seeking the opponent weak points, the purpose of this circular motion is to hide the sudden movements that get identified as an early opponent of the attack.

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