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Capoeira Martial Arts A Section

Capoeira Martial Arts A Section


Capoeira has become a hobby and one that increasingly loved martial arts Indonesian society, especially urban areas. Because of its uniqueness that combines martial arts, music, gymnastics, and acrobatics. Her movements are typical dances and kicks to the accompaniment of traditional music (complement).

Martial art Capoeira is very unique. The music is exciting and acrobatic martial arts movements like this dance, simply invite the attention of young people in Indonesia. This martial art has also been growing rapidly in Indonesia since the 1990s.

Martial Arts Capoeira comes from Brazil, developed by African slaves in the area around the 1500's.

In ancient times, they do exercises accompanied by traditional musical instruments, such as the berimbau (a wooden arch with rope strings struck with a small wooden vibrates) and atabaque (big drum). They use their music to hide the practice.

The slaves lived in inhumane conditions, forced to work and often get physical punishment.

The number of slaves was little, they had no weapons, life in colonial law, and have a mismatch between the slavery of a different African cultures and little knowledge about the island and the environment. Under these conditions, they were finally driven to rebellion.

In this environment, capoeira finally started to flourish. Not just a style of fighting, but Capoeira was created as a hope for life, the means by which a runaway slave, without any armored, to survive in the hostile, unknown area and deal hunters Capitaes-do-mato (armed colonial agent who is tasked with finding the breakout).

At the end of the 19th century, slavery was abolished in Brazil has begun. However, free blacks who do not get attention from the government. Most of them do not have a place to live, do not have jobs and are looked down upon by society.

Capoeira even as they maintain recreational facilities and practices martial arts. However, the ability of this martial art and its practitioners eventually misused called capoeiristas who eventually became bodyguards, mercenaries and even assassins.

Capoeira was banned in 1890 because it was considered to terrorize Rio de Janeiro. Any citizen caught practicing capoeira would be arrested, tortured and often mutilated by the police. The practice of capoeira was again carried out in secret. Until 1932 when the prohibition of capoeira is not as strong as before, Mestre Bimba obtain permission to open the first capoeira school in Salvador.

Capoeira is now not only as a martial art from Brazil, but also became an active disseminator Brazilian culture worldwide. Since the 1970s, scholars began to emigrate and teach capoeira capoeira in various countries. Capoeira was turned into a pride of Brazil.


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