Monday, August 13, 2012

Tarung Derajat

Tarung Derajat is a science and martial art created by the teacher Ahmad Drajat, or more fondly known as AA Boxer. start there since July 18, 1972, fight degrees today become a well-known branch of martial arts in Indonesia. characteristic of this martial is any movement is a fusion of the five elements of movement: strength, speed, courage, perseverance, punctuality. degrees in the fight, it emphasized a balance between the strength of the hand and leg strength. martial could be said this is a balanced martial.

History of the fight began when Ahmad Drajat degree of youth trying to survive in harsh environments. Tegallega he lived in Bandung, which incidentally was the area is an area that is high crime rate. Ahmad Drajat young child who was born a brave and tough, but he has a weakness. he has a body that is relatively small when compared to your peers. not uncommon, because he lived in a harsh, he was involved in a fight. sometimes he won, but more often he lost. even had one when he was beaten by the people in crowded places, until he nearly lost his life. then, thanks to the power of God was the one he could survive. The sad thing is that so many people when he attacked, but none have help.She decided to follow a self-defense training. in any martial arts training, he also had to struggle through it. He briefly joined a new practice, it has to be ordered to fight against other people who have much longer to follow the martial arts, which has the posture of a much bigger than himself. but he did not flinch, though in the end he can only survive and come home with bruises and swelling so, he never learned my lesson. lived day by day until finally it occurred to her to create its own self-defense movements. he ended his own practice, creates its own movement, and put it into practice during a fight. since then he became a respected figure and a very tough, until finally he decided to make a martial arts colleges called Tarung Derajat

Basically, every movement is in the TD (Tarung Derajat) is a learned reflex by the master himself when he fights in the streets. every movement there is a result of the development of independent practice by the teacher. accordance with the motto fight degrees, "make yourself by yourself".

In the fight degrees, known as the five elements of movement, namely the strength, speed, precision, perseverance, courage. meaning is contained in martial arts, fighting, fighting, etc., the first element that we must have the strength. to destroy the opponent, we have strong advance. but strength is not enough, we also have to have speed, so that our attack was not preceded by our opponents. however, it is also not enough, but powerful and fast, we also have to have accuracy. with good accuracy, of course we will attack a landslide. however, it all is still not enough. if we encounter a formidable opponent condition, then we have to impose tough opponent, had to work hard, do not easily give up. The last, most important, we must have courage. I think this is the most important element, because without courage, the fourth element of the motion that had been mentioned at the beginning, will be useless.

After following the fight degree, I gained a lot of benefits. not only taught about how to fight, how to defend themselves in a state of urgency, how to punch and kick is good, but it also taught me many things about the philosophical nature. I began to understand that not every problem should be solved by violence. degrees when I come to fight, I came to know and know well enough where and when to use the muscles and brain in solving problems.

A brave man, a champion, someone who is not a stout, good fighter, or someone else was able to beat people down, but someone who is able to accept and face the realities of life.

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