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Silat Harimau the Deadly Beauty

Silat Harimau (Tiger), the Deadly Beauty

Locks and catches the hallmark of this genre.

Movement two is very beautiful and charming. Jump and somersaulted, dropped to the floor with your legs spinning, sometimes flying up the opponent's body and together rolled along the floor.

But, make no mistake, the couple were not being acrobatics, dance nan also not demonstrate smart. They are two people who are exhibiting Tiger Silat techniques, colored attractive moves, acrobatic, and charming. Although it looks beautiful, at the end of each movement it always locks and kicks are dangerous and deadly for the opponent.

"As the agile movement of tigers and interesting, but also implies the threat of danger and death," said Datuk Rajo Gampo Edwel Yusir Alam told Tempo, who watched the action on the discussion forum lovers and Conservation of Traditional Indonesian Silat in the Pavilion West Sumatra, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah , middle of last month.

Datuk Edwel-as he was usually called-when it's wearing a headband made batik cloth protruding ends up at two ends of the side of the head. That's called a headband or "minister" tiger, a marker for Tiger Silat practitioners. But Edwel more than practitioners. He had learned that flow from an early age and now has become a teacher.

Tiger Silat martial arts one of the streams coming from the West Sumatra. Edwel learned from many teachers are scattered in Minang. Step learning starts from deceased grandfather, Dina Sutan Mangkuto.

During his life, his grandfather who was called Inyak Anguik (Inyak is Minang term for grandfather) was the famous Tiger Silat teacher in Balingka. "Until now, when I go home, there's always the old people there tell me that magic grandfather, who was even maintains eight Sumatran tigers at his home. Real tiger, not tiger stealth, "said Edwel.

But Inyak Anguik was not directly teach martial arts to Edwel. He just taught him the basics of martial arts since the age of 10 years. Once they have enough stock, then he had to learn Silat Edwel Tigers to several teachers.

Edwel then studied engineering catches and locks of Sidi Fuels from Baringin College Way, River Puar, Agam, West Sumatra. It also deepens the horses and lockdown techniques of nauseated Zainal in West Pasaman. Zainal, who is known by the nickname Tiger Chain, harsh teaching methods and performed at night.

Edwel also had to gain knowledge of Tadjudin Salim, whom she called Mr. geeks and known by the name Malin Sampono. Uwan Muri in Tanah Datar Linatu-about 60 miles from Dublin-he had also visited. To the teacher, he studied mechanical locks, including the basic technical training and strangulation with a ripping claw shells with hand claws.

Of the two teachers of the latter, he also learned the technique of "oil bath Angek". Coconut oil is heated overnight then massaged into the body, which makes it slippery and help him learn techniques to escape from the lockdown.

There is still another place elders studied. Call it Mother of Indo Balingka, who also mastered the supernatural aspect of Silat Tiger. "But I did not learn aspects of psychotherapy," he said. He only learned the technique catches and locks. The same thing he learned from Datuak Kurai in Bukittinggi.

Locks and catches it characterizes Silat Tiger. Immobilize the opponent more often by capturing and locking arms, legs, or neck of the opponent. Generally, the locks do while bringing the opponent to the ground. Locks that would be very painful to the opponent fall down and make it move. When the flow of other martial arts fight standing, Silat Tigers also have applications in the fighting techniques, such as the tiger struggling with his opponent on the ground.

When the fight standing, Silat Tigers have acrobatic techniques and varied, including the attack with knees up the body of the enemy, as well as other techniques that just often applied to foreign martial arts technique. Not surprisingly, the application moves the Tigers Silat is not only effective and deadly, but also beautiful and unsightly.

Other characters from Silat Tiger is no blows with fists, but with a punch claw with open palms. Claw is directed to the face, neck, and genitals opponent. The form is also effective open arms to catch and lock the opponent's limbs. Now, who wants to learn? ihsan charity

More foreign Enthusiast

Born in Dublin, July 6, 1963, was educated Yusri Edwel finally in the Faculty of Law at the University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta. But their activities are never far away from martial arts training.

He had divided the sciences in college Satria Muda Indonesia, Kostrad Commando Regiment Battalion 328 in Serpong, Indonesia Regiment University Students in Depok, even trained security force members RCTI television station. His experience led him to train and disciple children wandered abroad, including shows at the International Martial Arts Festival in Paris in 2004.

He formed the Association Ikhlas Foundation, based in Tanah Abang. The Foundation was later published a book about Tiger Silat in English, written by the Secretary General of the Fellowship of Silat between nations (Persilat) Hariadi Anwar.

Edwel originally intended to teach martial arts to the community, especially the Minang people in Jakarta, but now he was more interested in training foreigners. Lastly there are two foreigners from England who came to practice. "People Caucasians that I like because they are enthusiastic and excited when learning," he said. "They are also disciplined in the workout."

Meanwhile, we judged had no spirit. "It's hard to find young people who are interested in learning martial arts," he said. Even if there are learning, "More complaining, not enthusiastic, and often come too late." Fortunately, he now had four students who consistently learn. Interestingly, "None of them are the Minang people," he said with a laugh. ihsan charity

Taken from the newspaper tempo

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