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Krav Maga

Krav Maga

Krav Maga (Hebrew קרב מגע what "contact combat" means) is a military martial art developed empty hand in Israel, which will be granted no mercy assumes and emphasizes maximum threat neutralization in the context of "real life". The system is recognized for its excellence adopted by various Israeli Defense Forces.

General name in Hebrew means "close combat". The word maga (מגע) means "contact" or "close" and said Krav (קרב) means "struggle." It has a mean fight with body contact, such as the use of a shooting at a distance (although Krav Maga taught modern weapons to use in everyday life such as guns, pistols, and similar articles of self-defense techniques combined) in contrast

The basic principle

In Krav Maga, there are no hard and fast rules, and no difference in the training for men and women. This is not a sport, and no uniforms, clothes or certain programs, although the introduction of some organizations, the exercises with different ranks and insignia. All the techniques focus on maximum efficiency in real-world conditions. Krav Maga generally assumes people will not forgive attacker are therefore used as a reaction, attack and defense only to neutralize the threat of a deadly situation with a goal and escape quickly and safely as possible to emphasize. Malicious attacks against vulnerable parts of the body, including the groin and attacks the eyes, head banging and efficient potential attacks and other brutal. Improvisation, or the development of an attack by objects available, and maximizing personal safety in a fight are highlighted. Either way, it should be stressed that instructors can do and, demonstrations, how to adjust your technique to fit the situation. If the "no limits" is used in a situation in real life safety threat, the teacher should be able to do damage to a minimum, so that other situations can be identified and highlighted.

The guiding principle in using Krav Maga techniques are:> Do not hurt
> Fast and neutralize the attacker
> It will quickly transition from engineering techniques to survive attacks
'Exploitation of all the body's natural reflexes
> Exploitation all exposed parts of the body
> Use all existing objects as aid

These principles were developed in the context of a life-threatening situation. Krav Maga instructors stress correspond to the appropriate response to the risk.
Krav Maga generally requires users to overcome the threat of the closest to prevent further attacks, and only neutralize the attackers. Measures in a manner in accordance with the procedure. Krav Maga emphasizes on preventing further attacks from the attacker, as in some situations may require measures in anticipation of the attack. In order to avoid the development of a hazardous situation.


Although Krav Maga has many of the same techniques with other martial arts, the training is very different. Stressing on the fight in the worst scenario possible conditions that may occur or a position that is not profitable, for example, fighting multiple enemies at once, while protecting others, one hand should not be used while dizzy and against people who weapon. Krav Maga, learning emphasizes fast and retzef ("continuous combat motion"), with a focus on efficiency, either to attack or defend.
Instructors emphasize two rules in a fight: (1) There are no rules in a fight (2) May not hurt yourself or your partner in a pub. Exercise a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise is strong. Depending on the use of the pad in order to experience the full force of attack and defense. This is very important because the students feel the full power and technology with students who feel the pad is a shock, they exercise when possible attack exposed. Pretty much the same as last load holding pad and strike pad. The students also headgear, rubber protector, groin protector, protective chin and forehead and so on. Some schools include "Attack & Fighting", the full contact sparring, the students contains familiar with situations and strong pressure.
Exercise can also be a sound system loud music and steam engine, to train, to ignore distractions and focus on the needs aims situasi.Metode Another exercise is to survive, the new student is tired, practicing outdoors with a variety of surface types and situations is limited, wears a blindfold before the attack, and so on. The emphasis is on trying to make a fight or assault situation simulate as real as possible with security restrictions training.
Exercise to help typically the sensitivity situation, develop an understanding of the environment and threatening circumstances before an attack occurs. It also includes "self-protection": how to deal with situations that could end in fights, and physical and verbal methods to avoid violence, to work whenever possible.
A typical workout is combined bourgeois about 1 hour workout and exercise endurance with the teachings of the martial arts. With increasing levels of instructors will focus on more complex movements and unusual methods, such as defense of the blade survive kidnappings and harsh penalty. Originally instructor Your heart rate increases with exercise and then after warming is two or three self-defense techniques to teach. In the early days of fighting techniques (punches and kicks) or grappling (Lockdown and dents). After that, the class did was drill, engineering combined with aerobic moves. Drill is the name for this type of training in Krav Maga.


Development in Israel
Krav Maga was developed in Hungary and the Czech Republic, known in the 1930s by Imi Lichtenfeld, also known as Imi Sde-or (Sde-or does "light box", which is a direct translation of the name finally "light box" in Lichtendfield). He first taught his system in Bratislava in order to protect the Jewish community from the Nazi militia. Upon arrival in the area, "the British Mandate for Palestine," he began his system to the Haganah forces to teach the Jewish underground army. Available only after the State of Israel, was Imi head physical training and Krav Maga at the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). He served for the IDF for about 20 years, during which time he continued to develop and refine methods of struggle, his bare hands. In 1978 he founded the Israeli Krav Maga Association is a non-profit organization with a senior instructor. He died in 1998 in Netanya, Israel.

Development outside of Israel

In 1980, experts Krav Maga lived in Israel and trained under the Israeli Krav Maga Association. This year also marked contacts with the Israeli Krav Maga Association of enthusiasts in the U.S.. In 1981 the teacher to demonstrate the system in the United States, it also led to demonstrations at FBI Headquarters. As a result, 22 people went to Israel to attend the Basic Course Instructor Krav Maga. After that, the participants returned to their homeland and develop schools in their respective regions. Additional disciples then went to Israel in 1984 and again in 1986. At the same time Israel Instructors also visit agencies to implement the laws of the United States Krav Maga. Every year certification, a Krav Maga Instructor in Netanya, Israel, to persons who meet the qualifications are offered.

Developments in Indonesia
Krav Maga in Indonesia brought to Indonesia by two organizations: Self Defense Command Indonesia and Indonesia. Especially for Self Defense Indonesia, as amended January 2009. The core curriculum of the KM Core SDI from a defensive tactic, along with the development and solidarity of the nation and the Palestinian resistance
Command Indonesia
Indonesia is a command train Krav Maga organizations in Indonesia. Founded by David and his team, he was a security consultant with experience in crisis areas such as Kabul, Baghdad, Yala (Southern Thailand), Sudan and Ulaanbaatar and also areas such as internal political conflict in Papua, Poso, Aceh and Atambua. Incorporated in 2007. In September 2008, Indonesia Command official affiliation Commando Krav Maga.

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