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Kendo (Kendo 剣 道) is a modern martial art from Japan that uses a sword. Kendo comes from "Ken (剣)" which means "Sword", and "Do (道)" which means "The Way". So the overall meaning of Kendo is a way / process of self-discipline that form a private Samurai () the brave and loyal. Kendo combines elements of martial arts and sports.

In practice, Kendo uses equipment such as:
> Uniform: Kendo Gi and Hakama
> Sword of bamboo (Shinai)
> Bogu, consisting of:
> Men (protective headgear)
> Do (body protector)
> Kote (protective hand)
> Tare (protective thigh and genitals)

Exercise Kendo [(Keiko (恵 子))] consists of a variety of purposes to develop themselves. As with other martial arts, Kendo requires discipline and dedication to training, such as ethics (religion), posture and stepping techniques, and how to swing a sword properly.

Kendo techniques
There are 4 types of attacks in Kendo, namely:

Head blow. Tebasannya target is from the tip of the forehead to the chin.

Hand blow. If your opponent uses 'chudan-no-kamae', then the target is right-handed, but if your opponent uses 'jodan-no-kamae', the goal is the left hand. If your opponent uses two swords ('Nito-ryu'), then both arms can be targeted.

Body blow. The goal is to the left or right side of the abdomen.

Puncture. The target was the neck.
For Tsuki techniques, indispensable skill and goal setting proper thrust, therefore these tactics should only be used by senior members, and is not recommended for use during the game, unless approved by the instructor [Sensei (先生)]

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