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Yongmoodo history began on October 15, 1995 where Martial Reearch The Institute of Yong In University Yongmoodo Korean martial art form which is a combination of martial art Judo , Taekwondo , Apkido , Ssirum , and Hon Sin Sul . Yongmoodo is the root of martial Hon Sin Sul which means martial arts .

The term comes from the Word Hankido Yongmoodo Developed in Korea in 1976 . Then the name changed to Kukmodo and turned into Yongmoodo . Yongmoodo 3 syllables come from , namely:

1 . YONG means dragon . Dragon in adorable by many people who believed to have mystical abilities . Dragon is also believed to be able to put out the fire flew from his mouth , live under water or under ground , mastering nature that can cause tsunami , earthquake and bring prosperity and good luck to those who believe .

2 . MU or MOO means Martial which refers to a battle that refers to prtempuran and fights , and strategic defense , physical , mental , and fisikologi .

3 . DO meaningful ways to practice and way of life , a way of life that is empty and contains Philosopi well as the ability to learn from nature , life and fights , against nature .

Yongmoodo has been promoted by thousands of alumni from Yong In University and the Master or Grand Master , which was inaugurated on 25 April 2002 , forming the Federation of Martial Arts Organization Yongmoodo and gained fame not only in Korea but all over the world and has spread across the State - the State :

1 . North America , especially in the United States , Canada and other regions in the Americas .
2 . European countries , especially in France ,
3 . In Asia , especially East Asia dI Countries like North and South Korea , Hongkong , Taiwan , Macao and parts of Southeast Asia .

Founder Martial Yongmoodo among others :

1 . Kim Byung Chun who is president Yongmoodo Internaional Association in Korea .
2 . Prof Lee Byung Ik , Prof. Kim Eui Yong and Prof. Chang Woo Kim , who served in the Department of Oriental Martial Art at Yong In University .
3 . Prof. Kang Min Chu , who served as secretary of the General Association of International Yongmoodo .

Rank and belt color in martial Yongmoodo that there is :
1 . Rank 10 = white belt
2 . Rank 9 = Yellow Belt
3 . Rank 8 = Yellow Belt
4 . Rank 7 = Green Belt
5 . Rank 6 = Green Belt
6 . Rank 5 = Blue Belt
7 . Rank 4 = Blue Belt
8 . Rank 3 = Belt Brown
9 . Rank 2 = Belt Brown
10 . Rank 1 = Red Belt

After the Red Belt Martial participants can Yongmoodo And I or Black Belt with capabilities include Engineering Skill Basic , Intermediate , Advanced level and the use of tools .


Yongmoodo martial arts training requires eternal , must be in a way to minimize the risk Rehearse exercises that can be fatal . Yongmoodo martial arts training requires considerable preparation and introduction of techniques - techniques dasar.untuk streamline possibility - small chances hurt experienced by the beginner then there is need for supervision and training gradually , level and continue to be risks and safety training is not means there is fatal .
Martial arts instruction Yongmoodo require - direct instruction and practice from a teacher or instructor in order to things - things that no untoward does happen .

Insturktur should prepare facilities and infrastructure associated with martial arts training kesiapkan yongmoodo like , pitch , body aids tack , mats , sam sacks , gansil ( protective gear ) , headwear , protective arms and legs , must meet safety standards and are also targets for in carrying out the exercise . Exercise should be controlled , monitored and evaluated .

Yongmoodo began practicing martial arts with the heating so that the body is ready to receive the material - the material practice . Heating is done primarily in parts - parts joints , fingers - fingers and feet . The most important parts that must be trained every day is our psychology . Refreshment process also needs to be implemented in practice meditation and breathing .

Any coach or instructor should have the ability to cope with all possibilities that would occur in the implementation of the exercise . Because in studying martial arts Yongmoodo accident prone in practice .

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