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History Maenpo Cikaret

Naming Maenpo Cikaret is ask the location where maenpo is growing , ie in Cikaret village , CianjurKari Maenpo Cikaret or better known as Maenpo Cikaret Silat is one of the streams that are rare . Rare here in the sense that the practitioner is in full control of the flow can be counted on the fingers .Despite its name Kari Maenpo Cikaret , but the elements that make up this maenpo Kari flow is not only alone, but there are two other streams that make up this Maenpo , ie flow and flow Sabandar Madi .In the martial arts world , the term " Sabanda - Kari - Madi " is very popular , not only martial arts school in West Java course that uses this term in perguruannya slogan , but the universities outside of West Java was put on this term .

Madi Kari Sabandar actually three different martial flow independent . Sabandar is a martial arts school that has a very subtle Kick , nature ngarubah tangtungan or destroy the balance of the opponent . Kari is a very hard martial stream , fast , aggressive and highly lethal , while the flow of martial madi is famous for last game ( defense ) , play in close proximity even stick ( napel ) and target attack that led to the weak spots and lethal in the human body .Sabandar consists of 5 Kick , Kari Kari has nine bouts, and has 6 moves . The third stream is the basic formula of a variety of martial arts college . Many Silat game that contains elements Sabandar Madi Kari , not containing jurusnya , but contains kaedah - kaedah and Madi Kari Sabandar philosophy .In Indonesia, a lot of colleges are adopting martial kaedah Sabandar Madi Kari , but everything there is to know as to what the original form of the third stream . Some colleges may exist who know the original form Sabandar Sabandar but only just , while Kari and Madi original form , they just know without knowing the extent kaedah jurusnya .Wak Dudun is the only fighter who inherits Sabandar Madi Kari both rules , philosophy and jurusnya complete , he received the knowledge directly from parents , batteries Oha , a figure which is very famous Maenpo Cianjur .Originally Aki Oha teaches moves 12 at Wak Dudun , like Aki Oha teach other students , not the stance 9 ( Kari ) . According to the logic of wak Dudun , when the moment hit 12 , would not blue - blue body . Reality of the matter is : every time wak Dudun usic napel with Aki Oha , body Uwak always blue - blue . This invite curiosity at heart Uwak , so Uwak ventured to ask Aki Oha . " Sir , why my father that was hit , always a blue - blue body , but if use 12 moves , not going to the blue body , this does not make sense ! , How to do so when I hit people , that the body can be blue - blue ? " thus wak Dudun asked his father .Since then Aki Oha began teaching moment on Wak Dudun 9 . He was getting hard teachings of his father , began ba'da practice of Isha until the dawn , every day . Even for one moment only, Uwak have to spend time for 1 year .Wak Dudun is elder maenpo Cianjur highly respected opponent and friend . Not a lot of people who learn maenpo to Wak Dudun , this is because it teaches maenpo maenpo very hard , coupled with teaching Wak tendeng Dudun who do not know the facade . Uwak says: " If you want to know the tastes chili sauce, it must eat chili " , if you want to know the efficacy of curry , then it should be a blow Kari ngerasain how powerful this . That's what makes the people who learn to Uwak , the average never go back again . One more reason why not much is learned maenpo This is because Wak Dudun very selective in choosing students , and of students selected , only a handful survive .About this little student , not just wak Dudun who experience it , as it was indeed history . Aki Oha had many disciples , but the moment passed on 9 only 2 people only, ie Wak Dudun ( his son ) and Kang Dindin ( nephew ) . Oha battery itself is the only student from Aki Pe'I who inherits moment 9 . Actually Aki pe'I many students , but that is simply inherited moment Aki Oha 9 only. People say , Aki Oha is the golden boy Pe'i battery .momentKari stance is that the dominant stance on speed , accuracy and hard , but still there are elements of weakness and power ends . Kick curry a lot playing with punches , elbow , dengkulan and with characteristic low horse . Kick curry there are 9 , 5 and madi Sabandar 6 moves .

Kick philosophyCadu nyekel Cadu kacekel , unclean and unlawful holding kepegang . Implies that the fighter does not want kepegang curry opponent and do not want to hold the opponent , Kari fighter would directly attack the opponent weak titik2 .Personal experience of teachersWhen it wak young Dudun still working as a warehouse keeper . Coming thief goods in the warehouse . When it wak Dudun abdullah own and against 15 people , and all of them can be defeated , 8 people uprooted , others escaped .Such a champion named Haji X. Haji X already crossed the globe For studied and also he is a champion swordsman too . At that time he came Uwak Dudun For exchange experiences and faced by Uwak Dudun . In napel with Uwak Dudun , Haji X lost . Then when it was done , Uwak leave to take any water , and cast Haji X. Unexpectedly Haji X attack by hitting wak Dudun Abdullah energetically from behind . Located only , approximately 2 cm from head Dudun wak , wak Dudun suddenly turned and instantly Haji X mental distant and hard , so that Hajj X finally admitted defeat and became a disciple of Abdullah Dudun wak .Experience exchange experiences happen again , when it wak Dudun Abdullah visited by a martial arts champion who had been defeated many champions both in West Java until offerings . Her name is Aki J. In a meeting For the exchange of experience , Aki J napeul with wak Dudun Abdullah , rather than using tactics 3 of Kick A mainstay Aki , Aki J instead of a blow to his stance 2C curry wak Dudun Abdullah . Generate  rib injury that severely affected the natural antecedent Aki J for 2 weeks without being able to work ( because it can not raise their hands ) .
 Natural training or using natural elementsSpecial training in nature but there is no training that uses natural elements there are several , including testing instead of beating hit sandsack but hit the banana tree trunks , twisted like shape punch drill , when the blow on the veins of the tree , then the banana tree bbrp day it will dead .Strengthen the hand grip by using lime . how is squeezed lime TSB to shreds .pedigreeBang Kari ( Tangerang ) - > Rd . H. Ibrahim - > Aki Pe'i - > Aki Oha - > Wak Dudun Abdullah and Kang Dindin

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