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Below is a piece of history or martial arts 8 Winds in the Chinese BA -called JI GUAN .Kungfu is mythologized by the Chinese as one of the world's strongest martial art widely spread throughout the world since the early 20th century .The kung fu has a characteristic on the attack with a barrage blows directly channeling tremendous explosive power . The practitioners are able to ultimately change the kung fu martial arts power from the outside into the power of kung fu .Bajiquan is a secret kung fu kungfu strongest in the world created by monks Butongpai , spread into two main parts ;
 1 . Mixed with other streams such as Bagua Zhang Kung Fu , Piqua Zhang , Shaolin and Taichi . 
 2. Spread china specialized in the area are Muslims and only taught the Moslem tribes such as Hui , Turkish and Uyghur and others .
Kungfu is rarely deployed because it was considered too dangerous .Consists of several streams but the bottom line is formed in the power of breathing exercises and tactics . Movement and the technique is simple and contains tremendous power . have slow motion movements that contain the explosion blast force . rarely deployed in general because for the first kung fu disseminated to the general public is not the case with martial arts as deadly and dangerous secret .History and Aliran2 kungfu Bajiquan / Kungfu 8 Winds1 .  
The very first time the flow is the flow of WU , which was brought by Wu Zhong , the flow is still developing in the PRC and Japan . This flow is called the first flow of the wedge . In accordance with the historical record left behind , Wu Zhong is recognized introduce the wedge back . Teacher of Wu Zhong is two and a vagabond named Lai Bi who do not want to be named . Allegedly they both actually are government or political fugitives were hiding.The current flow in the forward and held by Master Wu Lian Zhi . Although surnamed Wu , he is not a direct descendant of Wu Zhong .Flow is mainly concentrated in the village of Wu Meng , the home village of the wedge , and there established international schools wedge , Ba Ji Quan Khai Men .2 . The flow rate of Muslims in the PRC , is basically similar to but different flow patterns Wu jurus2nya , this flow is more closed so that the path of development is still in the PRC .3 . LIE flow , which in developed or composed by Bun Syo Lie ( Lie Shu Wen ) - such as the comic story - flow LIE Kenji would eventually split into two , namely the flow HUO and LIU .4 . MO flow , flow Lie teacher Syo Bun - growing in he bei ,
PRC .5 . HUO flow , which was brought by Dien Huo Ge ( Rigid den stiff reply in comics Kenji ) , this flow until now developing in the PRC , Huo flow is still similar to the flow of MO , as Huo dien den ge aka rigid rigid Lie was the first pupil syo bun , so apa2 who learned by syo Lie Huo bun scaled - no apa2 composition .6 . LIU flow , which was brought by Gekkyu Liu / Liu Yun Chiao , this flow is a flow that is perfected by Syo Bun Lie ( Lie Su wen ) in his old age , armed with experience fighting until the old days syo bun Lie , then Lie syo bun throw " unnecessary " and add / modify Bajiquan thus more powerful again , a concrete example , namely the stance phong chui ( if Choso stance on kenji ) , this style is not found in any stream , because this style is the hallmark of the last Bajiquan Lie syo the bun scaled Gekkyu Liu / Liu yun Chiao , the flow develops mainly in Taiwan , and then brought again in the spread to Japan , Canada , America , Malaysia , etc. .7 . in addition to the above there's more aliran2 several family stream flow between laen king , nan jing flow that brought the chi gene Lie ( Lie Yuen tse ) to Taiwan , and so forth .Kungfu 8 Winds flow in Popular CultureOver time Kenji is not master of Kung Fu Eight Winds starting to learn a lot of self-defense techniques to improve its capabilities. Kenji has one rival who often appear in comic stories Kenji named Tony Tan . Tony who also want to master Kung Fu Eight Winds has mastered a variety of techniques including flow of Chinese martial Shaolin Kung Fu Hung Ga and Xinyiliuhequan .Kenji left his grandfather at the age of 7 years later determined to follow his grandfather in China to learn martial arts . Adventure after adventure Kenji passed by on his way . Well, if you also like Kenji adventure in the small or first time you might like to practice some self-defense movement style Kenji Goh .In the game TEKKEN ,
there are also character " Long " is adept moves Eight Winds .Great teachers produce great students , many of his students play an important role in the history of the martial arts world . Some students lishuwen famous of which is Huo Diange aka rigid rigid den ( guard emperor Pu Yi , the last emperor of China ) , Chen Li Wu ( bodyguard to Mao Zedong ) , and Liu Liu aka Yunqiao Gekkyu ( Kuomintang secret agent and martial arts instructor , Chiang Kai Shek's bodyguards ) Bajiquan therefore also called " The Bodyguard Style " .

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