Wednesday, December 25, 2013

" The Turkish Samurai" and "The Turkish Wonder Kicker",

Boxing World Championships and the world's best technical fighter , known to the complainant , despite recognition of their success in Turkey , Serkan Yilmaz , Europe and the Far East, the selection of the achievements , and skin care.

The participants to pay attention to the World Cup, Serkan Yilmaz said Turkey kick . " The success of athletes and the media in Turkey or Turkey or individual sports athletes come here to go to succeed in capturing overseas markets , but the athletes are taken care of . , Until the athlete and how they have achieved all the challenges , no one knows ," he said .World Champion and dealing with difficult situations , and it is impossible to kickboksl Serkan Yilmaz , 20 -year gold belt , said . "The Turkish athletes , Europe and the Far East , however, instead of the coveted Turkish sports , martial sports, a lot of success in this sport . Recent meeting. Successful athletes from Turkey , the Turks do not know . Known in Europe and the Far East , recognized Turkey as much as I could , " he said ." I also like the social security "Serkan Yilmaz , Turkey , and Turkey 's proud of his achievements as , Kirsehir name and national anthem continues to be felt around the world , said : " We have every Turkish prayer flags in this business is that anyone who does not çıksın time in this area . Summit we have . Want to keep , but I'm the mayor Kýrþehir Mr. Halim Cakir owner came out today , in the name of kicks and punches , and if ever I win , I hope you are happy to come Kirsehir Kýrþehir leaving only the mayor does not like to be ruled by Cakir respect to social security , though I do not . around the world . , but today I would like to hope for the future , " he said .Serkan Yilmaz from the sport for life in the Championship competition, held in Istanbul between the club 's first win in registering for this age group , martial arts this year , as well as art and this is what football is not like the deal , said in a 10 -year- takvando and Istanbul champion Yilmaz , 36 -pound , 54- weight division championship in the hands of all-time . In that year, the Yilmaz 's degree in sports that deal with :- All Sıklet Turkey 36-54 Weight Championship- Taekwondo Championships in Istanbul- International Taekwon -do Championship- International Top Tech athletes Ünvanlıg- All Sıklet Championship in Turkey between the years 1992-2006- European Kickboxing Championship 1993 in Istanbul Turkey- European Kickboxing Championship 1994 in Istanbul Turkey- Istanbul, Turkey, the European Kick Boxing Championship 1995- Istanbul, Turkey Kick Boxing World Championship 1996- Istanbul European Kickboxing Championship 1997 in TurkeyTurkey - Istanbul 1999 Kick Boxing World Champion- Kick Boxing World Championships in Istanbul, Turkey , 2000- Istanbul, Turkey Kick Boxing World Championship 2001Turkey - Istanbul 2003 Kick Boxing World Champion- 2000, Istanbul - Turkey in the European Championship of Kung Fu- Kung Fu 2001 European Championships in Istanbul Turkey- 2002 European Kung - Fu third place in Istanbul - Turkey

' Biggest title comes from Japan 'On the other hand , in 2003, Istanbul - Turkey , Yilmaz , kick boxing competition for the national team during this period, and Japan , in the same period k - 1 kick boxing was attended by stating that , " In Japan , I have been interested in the game , and the Japanese love of Allah . , Japan is the leader of the and on the evidence of my life I've been given and the samurai in Japanese television repeatedly came to Turkey , who gave the name of the great warrior from the world Cup kick- boxing . was £ 70 and I 'm in the ring , Iran has announced the name of our country in the world , I had to round 3 . was a world champion by knocking out My opponent , " he said .Serkan Yilmaz Turkish flag, national anthem , and I read every meeting , the meeting was taken to send the names of the participants , and yet its success is to look at the city Kýrþehir .


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