Friday, December 27, 2013

Kungfu and Islam

Everyone must be familiar with Wushu and Kungfu . Two martial arts is so thick with his native country , China , a communist country that does not know God . But did you know that in fact the two are quite beautiful martial deadly but also proved to have strong roots of Islam ?

A martial arts master and researcher of China , Master Mohammed Khamouch in his article entitled 1001 Years of Missing Martial Arts explained that Muslims in China since centuries ago had a huge contribution in Wushu and Kungfu , both in the moment - jurusnya development and in terms of the philosophy espoused .During the Tang Dynasty in 651 AD , Caliph Ustman ibn Affan ( 644-656 AD ) sent Muslim forces led by Sa'd ibn Abi Waqqas ( d. 674 AD ) of Medina on a peace mission to spread the message of Islam to the plains of China . The envoy is sailing through the Indian Ocean and Ocean China then landed at the port of Guangzhou ( Canton ) . Most of the Muslims then settled and spread in mainland China , especially in Shaanxi Province . Trade relations with China were established either through the "Silk Route" ( silk route) . By the emperor , Muslims got a special position . They were allowed to have a government and choose Qadi ( judge ) yourself . Sa'd Huaisheng build mosques in Guanzhou is now the oldest mosques in China . When military commanders An Lu - Shan Su led a rebellion against the Emperor in the year 755 AD T'sung , Muslims ask for help in the Abbasid Caliph Abu Jafar al - Mansur . A total of 4,000 soldiers were sent and managed to quell the rebellion .Many of these Muslim soldiers emperor accepted an offer to settle , to marry with the local population and eventually assimilated into the Chinese society . Arab - Chinese ancestry race is known as the Hui - Hui .During the Mongol Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368) which was established by Kublai Khan , the nation Hui earned the nickname " Da'shman " which means " learned man " , because of their abilities and contributions as astronomers , astrologers , physicians , pharmacists , architects , entrepreneurs business , philosophers , and others . Of the 12 districts in the empire , 8 governors held by Muslims and also several important positions in the government . Including military advisers and master martial emperor who became a bodyguard .Hui is what developing nations Wushu and enter into the spiritual aspects of the martial arts . Sufi congregation flourished in the time it took an important role in the diffusion of Islamic philosophy in Wushu . Hui Sufi clerics often beating Buddhist monks in various contests . Qa Shi is one style of Kung Fu which means seven warriors , to commemorate seven Sufi cleric .Grandmaster Wang Zipping

Grandmaster Wang Zipping
 Philosophy in Wu Shu and Kung Fu inspired by the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad , namelyStrong person not to knock your opponent in a fight , but who can control himself when angry (Bukhari ) .It was once pointed out by Ali in the battle of the Trench ( 625 AD ) when Ali managed to knock your opponent and was about to draw his sword . , But suddenly the opponent spat in Ali 's face . Ali failed to kill and even sent him away . ' Why do not you kill me ? ' , Asks his opponent . Ali then replyIs allowed to kill in war . But when you spat in my face , you raised self-esteem and anger . So rather than kill with sword , better just kill my soul to God .The opponent was amazed by the character of Ali ra and converted to Islam on the spot.Internal jihad against the passions is the master of Kung Fu translated as energy or Chi Kung is known . They believe that the top notch in the Kung Fu can only be achieved when a man can conquer the animalistic nature in him . It also honed through a series of breathing exercises .Various tactics Wu Shu and Kung Fu by Muslims then developed with energy harmonizing external ( physical ) and internal ( soul ) and free from ideologies that are contrary to the teachings of Islam . One well-known technique of Kung Fu Hsing - I- Chuan Hsieh created by Master Ma Li , a Muslim from Henan . This technique is a renewal of an old technique that has been cleared of cosmology understand Taoism .Both of these energies , the external ( hard ) and internal ( soft ) , are two opposite cosmic forces ; negative ( Yin ) and positive ( Yang ) , which will form one without the other . The combination of hardness and softness , according Kamouch characterizes Muslim Kung Fu . Tai T'si or YinYang symbol itself was created by Omar Syed Shamsuddin , crown prince of Bukhara king Genghis Khan captured and taken to Peking . Because of his intelligence , in 1271 AD , Kublai Khan appointed him as the governor of Yunnan and held Prince Hsien Yang .

Grandmaster Ma Xianda ( 1932 - present ) is one of the four ' living ' Wu Shu master who comes from a family Ma . He himself is the teacher of the famous Kung Fu actor Jet Lee . One of a Muslim is the legendary Kung Fu masters Grandmaster Wang Zipping (1881-1973) who earned the nickname " Lion of the Kung Fu of China ' ." Muslim heritage of the martial arts will continue pounding in the heart of China " , so said Kamouch .


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