Monday, September 17, 2012

Chan Tzi Ching & Fan Xu Dong

The Swordsman Kungfu famous past contributed to World Kungfu Chinese among others: 

8) Chan Tzi Ching.
He was the principal heir of the Eagle Claw Kung Fu Marga Lau Family school. He is known as an unbeatable fighter Kungfu and defeated all opponents in just 3 moves and / or with a 3-inch punch. During this period, only Huo Yan Jia himself able to keep science Kungfu Chan Tzi Ching. Attracted by the extraordinary fighting ability, Huo Yan Jia Chan Tzi Ching invited to participate in teaching at Chin Woo, Shang Hai in 1910. After the death of Huo Yan Jia result from exposure to toxic arsenic from the Japanese secret agent, Chan Tzi Ching Huo Yan Jia continue to struggle and fight with a lot of Japanese martial arts practitioners and the West, but no one can beat he until his death.

9) Fan Xu Dong
He has the posture tall and big, but has the ability to relieve the body of science that extraordinary era. He is one of the experts blooded Kungfu Grasshopper Worship (Praying Mants) and Large Machete (Guan Dao). Fan Xu Dong known as Patriot Kungfu fighter who participated in the Boxer rebellion because it does not stand the behavior of Western countries and Japan at that harm people and want to colonize China towards the end of the Qing Dynasty. There are a number of famous battles between Fan Xu Dong with a number of fighters representing 8 countries, the first fight is when he challenges champion Japanese Samurai in a life-death openly in Shandong. Fan Xu Dong clearing the body of the Samurai into 2 parts in seconds when using a weapon that Guan Dao. The second fight occurred in 1875, Fan Xu Dong represent Kungfu Yantai University to respond to the challenges of the National Wrestling Champion Russia. The fight back by Fan Xu Dong won by a landslide. After the victory, Fan Xu Dong much fighting with Russian fighters but no one can beat him until he returned to China again.

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