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Sun Lutang (Sun Fu Quan)

The Swordsman Kungfu famous past contributed to World Kungfu Chinese among others:

13) Sun Lutang (Sun Fu Quan).

 He is the creator of Sun Tai Chi flow and known as Expert Hsing I and Bagua. He was the student of various martial arts expert like monk Wu, Kuo Yun Shen, Li Kui Yuan, Cheng Ting Hua (Expert Baguazhang), Hao Wei Chen (Expert Wu Yu Xiang Tai Chi) and others. Her nicknames are "Tiger Head Swordsman" and "Smarter than a Monkey Off"

He was born in a simple home, near the city of Bao Ding, in Wan County, in Hebei Province.  His given name was "Sun Fu Quan."  In 1894, he started using the name "Sun Lu Tang." 
Some authors give Sun Lu Tang's birth year as 1860. 
Anyone know the month and day of his birth?

His father was a poor farmer in Dingxian County in Hebei Province
His father died when he was a child and the family lost their farm.
Worked as a servant for a rich man.  He was abused by the rich man's family.  He attempted suicide. 
Learned Shaolin Hung Boxing from Master Wu. 
Lived with and worked for his uncle, and studied calligraphy.
Started learning Hsing I Quan martial arts from Li Kui Yuan.
Sun Lu-Tang became a formal discipline of Li Kui Yuan

Started learning Hsing I Quan from the famous Master Guo Yun Shen (1827-1903)  Learned Xingyiquan from Li Kuiyuan (李魁元), and later from Guo Yun Shen (郭雲深) (from 1882).
Started learning Dragon style Pa Kua Chuan from the famous
Pa Kua master Cheng T'ing Hua 
(程延華) (1848-1900)
Master Cheng's nickname for Sun was "More Clever Than an Active Monkey."

Married Zhang Zhou Xien (1863-1934)
First son, Sun Xing Yi (1891-1929)
Second son, Sun Cun Zhou (1893-1963)
Daughter, Sun Jian Yun (1913-2003)
Third son, Sun Huan Min (1897-1922)

Started using the name 'Sun Lu Tang' given to him by Cheng T'ing Hua
Alternative Names:  Sun Lu Tang, Sun Luc Tan, Sun Fu Quan. 

Masters Cheng Tinghua, Liu Dekuan, Li Cunyi and Liu Weixiang formed a teaching organization.  Their association was influential in blending Neijiaquan(internal family boxing), Neigongquan (internal skill boxing), and Wudangquan (Wu Tang boxing).
Sun Lu Tang studied Yi Jing theory and Emei Qigong in mountains of Sichuan
Sun continued his studies of Taoism, qigong and martial arts in the Wu Dang Mountains
He established the Pu Yang Boxing Association in Bao Ding
He moved to Xing Tang, 80 miles from Beijing, and taught martial arts
Taught in Northern China for the General Governor, Xu Shi Chang
Established three marital arts schools in Beijing and Tianjin
He lived in eastern Beijing from 1910-1932. 
Sun Lu-Tang possessed extraordinary abilities and knowledge of the martial arts, including legendary fast footwork, leaping, climbing, and endurance skills.
He had many talented and devoted students. He was a successful businessman.  
He was know by numerous nicknames: "Tiger Head Hero, First Hand Under the Sky, and Smarter than an Active Monkey." 
Sun weighted 140 pounds.

He learned Wu Yu-xiang style of Taijiquan from Hao Wei Zhen (郝為眞)  (1849-1920) 
Sun was 50 years of age when he learned Wu Yu-xiang style Taiji.

Sun Jian Yun, his daughter is born.  She died on 10/2/2003.  She was a Sun Grandmaster.    
He joined the faculty of the Beijing Physical Education Research Institute.  He was a colleague of Yang Shao-hou, Yang Ch'eng-fu and Wu Chien-ch'üan at the Institute.  Sun taught there until 1928, a seminal period in the development of the modern
Yang, Wu and Sun styles T'ai Chi Ch'uan.  

Sun began creating Sun style Taijiquan.   He was 52 years of age.    
Xing Yi Quan Xue: The Study of Form-Mind Boxing by Sun Lu Tang is published.
Sun Lu-Tang taught in Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou between 1915-1932.  

The Study of Ba Gua Boxing is published.  
Grandaughter, Sun Shurong (1918-2005) is born.  Daughter of Sun Cun Zhou.   Bio
Sun was a Lieutenant in the Army in Beijing, teaching martial arts from 1919-1924
The Study of Tai Ji Quan is published.
During his 60th birthday party his personal notebooks and diaries were stolen.   They have never been recovered. 
The True Essence of Boxing is published.  
The Study of Ba Gua Sword is published.
Wrote The Study of the Xing Yi Spear; but, the work was not published.  
He was the first noted teacher to offer martial arts courses for women at Zhe Jiang Martial Arts School.  
Sun Lu-Tang died on December 16, 1933.  He was 72 years old. 
He became ill and then fasted and meditated until he died peacefully. 
Sun Lu Tang's gravestone shows his life-span to be: 1862-1933. 
Some documents say he was born in 1861 and died in 1932. 
Sun Lu Tang returned to the house he was born in the last few months of his life, and died in the room where he was born.  

Does anyone know the month and day of his death?

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