Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kung Fu

Kung fu or gongfu (功夫, Pinyin: Gongfu) is a martial art originating from China. However, the true meaning of Kung fu has a much broader meaning, namely something that is acquired in a long time and with high persistence. Thus, a great expert cook can be said to have a high Kung fu.
Besides the word Kung fu, wushu and Kundao term or Kuntao also often used to refer to Chinese martial arts from them. Kung fu science that has spread to Southeast Asia (especially Indonesia) in the past called Kuntao, according to Donn Draeger in his book Weapons and Fighting Arts of Indonesia. However, the term Kuntao has been very rarely used at the present time.


In the beginning, the term Martial Arts or the ability of the Chinese people are Silat Science or Wushu, and not "Kung Fu". The term martial arts in the past is not as popular as it is today. Kungfu itself more pointing to a specific skill and tenacity and proven superior, such as gastronomy, farming skills, and others. Kungfu term became popular after a martial arts legend, Bruce Lee popularized the term martial arts in the West. Jolted by the ability, speed and strength of the Legend, the term Kung Fu became very popular and synonymous with Chinese Martial Arts (China) until now.
Martial arts Kung Fu was originally developed from the needs and abilities to survive, either to defend themselves from various kinds of wild animal attacks, hunt for food, and to wage war against another group of people who are considered a threat to the security of their lives. With the development of the science of medicine and the human body in ancient China - as well as a protracted civil war, Kung Fu Martial Arts is growing rapidly and spread widely, so bring lots of contributions and influence forerunner different types of martial arts in Asia, such as Karate, Kempo, Pencak Silat and others.
Kungfu has a history and tradition of martial arts is a very long, rigorous, proven and effective since 5,000 years ago, along with the emergence of cult Dao (Taoism), which later developed into a religion that has its own peculiarities. In the 2500's began to emerge many legendary Kungfu flow until now, starting from the Temple or the Temple of Shaolin (Siaw Liem Sie), Wudang (Butong), Omei (Emei-Gobi), Kun Lun, Hua San, San Thian, Khongtong and others. In general, there are 100 more streams and thousands of martial arts moves as well as various types of unique and strange science, ranging from the most violent and malignant (external arts) to the knowledge of the most gentle and light as cotton (internal arts). Various flow and knowledge that still exist until now is Hung Gar, Lohan, Ngo Cho, Pek Ho, Eng Jiaw, Qin Na, Wing Chun, Tai Chi Quan, Hsing I, Ba Gua, Yi Quan, Fan Zi Quan, Chang Quan and others.

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