Friday, September 21, 2012

Shen Yun Kuo

The Swordsman Kungfu famous past contributed to World Kungfu Chinese among others:

12) Shen Yun Kuo (Guo Yun Shen / Yu Sheng). 

He is known as a brave Warrior both martial arts and Nei Kung is very high. He is a martial arts expert Hsing - I (Xing Yi). Kuo Yun Shen dubbed "Ban Bu Peng Kuo" because it is famous for its mastery of Peng Quan ("Crushing Fist") is perfect, one of the science of the 5 Elements Hsing I). Cotton Tread Science reputedly able to shed the opponent's body with just enough touch. Kuo Yun Shen've tapped gently and 10 bricks spilled all destroyed. He himself was the best student of Master Li Luoneng and has never been beaten by anyone on his day. Only one person can offset the Master Kuo Yun Shen, namely Tung Hai Chuan in a fierce battle for 3 days and 3 nights that ended in a draw and eventually they became good friends who exchange knowledge Kungfu.

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