Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Swordsman Kungfu famous past contributed to World Kungfu Chinese among others:

1) Bodhidharma (Da Mo / Mo Tat or Daruma in Japanese). He is a spiritual Zen Buddhist priest from India who imprisoned nine years at the Shaolin Temple and the legendary creator of various types of knowledge such as: Science and Muscle Vein Changes (Yi Jin Jing / I Chin Ching), Nine Sun (The Cin Keng Kiu), Muscle Wire Bone Iron (Tiet Sin Kun), Armour Gold (Gold Genta), Five Kick Animals, Finger Zen, and others. But unfortunately, some of the science is already gone. It is said that at the time of crossing the ocean to the Chinese, he was just standing on a small branch, and on the walls of the cave where Bodhidharma at the Shaolin Temple hermitage until now there are shadows formed on her body as she meditated and leaned against the cave wall. For nine years meditating in the cave, Bodhidharma able to hear conversations various types of living organisms, such as ants that are there.
2) Thio Sam Hong (Thio Kun Po / Zhang Jun Bao / Zhang San Feng). In his youth, Thio Sam Hong is a very talented student at the Shaolin Temple. Because treated arbitrarily by the seniors, he came out of the Shaolin Temple and learn to develop their own martial arts with attention to various natural phenomena such as wind down on a bamboo tree, crane and snake fight, kokohnya defense mantises from the wind, and others. After understand and grasp the Universe Digest, Thio Sam Hong youth retreat on Mount Hua San to perfect the science-knowledge. At the time he was coming down the mountain, he explored the whole of China and pitted their knowledge with martial arts experts and the warriors from various streams. According to ancient literature, there are two very famous battle. The first fight is a fight between Thio Sam Hong with a Mongolian wrestler number of very large, powerful and aggressive. Later revealed that the wrestler is also highly skilled in various streams of Chinese Kungfu. Mongolian wrestler was reportedly beat many fighters Shaolin Temple and a number of other hard-warrior flow. The fight between Thio Sam Hong with Mongolian wrestler was won by Thio Sam Hong with his new science, namely Tai Chi QuanTaijiquan. The second fight is pertaruangan Thio Sam Hong who single-handedly defeated more than 100 gangsters in a den of thieves simply with bare hands. Since then, Thio Sam Hong is recognized by all parties as the Warrior martial Without Slam time. Having had enough in perantauanya, Thio Sam Hong ride to Wudang mountain (Butong) and founded the Wudang university with the main base of teaching, namely Taoism. Thio Sam Hong himself is believed to be the Creator of Tai Chi Arts and Sciences is expert in Tao Yin (Nei Kung). Thio Sam Hong is said to live in the 3 (three) days of the dynasty, the Song Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty (Mongol, and Ming Dynasty (Han), and Thio Sam Hong is known as a Taoist immortal.

3) Yue Fei (General Yue Fei, Tangyin-Henan Province, 1103-1142). He was a famous general of the Empire Patriot Song Dynasty (960-1279) who fought against the invasion by the Jin (Jurchen / Juchen) and remained faithful until the end of his life defending the country, though vilified and condemned to death by a tyrannical ruler. General Yue Fei is believed to be the Creator of internal and external martial arts, namely: Hsing - I (Xingyiquan) and enhancer Eng Jiaw (Eagle Claw). In his youth, General Yue Fei learned from Shaolin monk named Jow Tong / Lai Chin. In addition to empty hand combat expert, General Yue Fei is also an expert in weapons of Shaolin 18 Spear Sole especially science. It is said that science is equivalent to science spear spear Marga Yang Family (spear of Family Studies is a hereditary family martial arts are very distinctive and high and only slightly Expert / Swordsman that can match their knowledge of his day. According to ancient records, it is known that high levels of science spear The family has a number of features unique, namely: Science Spear Dragon Fitted / Dragon Spear twisting and Sciences (Toya) Mighty Dragon that can paralyze / kill the opponent without physical touching. Note: Families are also a True Patriot last remain faithful until the end of imperial downfall Sung by the Mogul dynasty). Kung Fu Hsing I himself had vanished from the martial world after the death of General Yue Fei until rediscovered by the Book of the Book of Kung Fu Hsing I Hsing-I 10 Principles of General Yue Fei relics near the end of the Ming Dynasty by Ji Long Feng (Ji Jike). Then Ji Long Feng Kung Fu Hsing I lowered the Family Ma, Cao Ji Wu and others until finally emerged Kuo Yun Shen and Sun Lutang as experts Kungfu Hsing I were superb.

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