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The Swordsman Kungfu famous past contributed to World Kungfu Chinese among others:

4) Qi Jiguang (1528-1588). He is one of the more famous Patriot General of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). At the age of 22 years, Qi Jiguang fight and expel Mongol army led by Altan Khan, who seeks re-colonize China (1548-1552). He shared and Tan Lun Yu Dayao known as Patriot stamp out pirates and pirate Japan (rata2 the pirates is an ex-samurai who lost the war and cooperate with Chinese pirates or despotic local rulers) are often robbed in mainland China in particular areas Fujian and Zhejiang. Post eradication, no pirates or Japanese pirates who dared to come back again because the combat capability of the army General Qi Jiquang incredible. He noted Kungfunya science and inherits all of the Book "Shou Ji Ching Hua" which is now to be one that complements the heritage literature Chinese Kungfu.

 5) 5 Shaolin Ancestors. After the burning of the Shaolin Temple in the second battle between the Rev. Shaolin Temple Qing Army of 50,000 fully armed and aided the modern Tibetan Llamas and Practitioner Pak Mei (White Eyebrow).
Fifth Shaolin ancestors were:
1) Choi Tak-Chung (蔡德忠)
2) Fong Tai-Hung (方大洪)
3) Ma Chiu-Hing (马超兴)
4) Wu-Tai Tak (胡德帝)
5) Sik Lee Hoi (李 式 开)
Based on older literature, it is mentioned that the Shaolin Temple were completely destroyed and burned for 40 days and 40 nights in the attack. The whole ancient records of thousands of years, including a number of legendary Kungfu science and heirloom weapons lost or burned. Of the thousands of monks and non-monks of Shaolin, only five people who escaped the attack and then they spread throughout China while spreading resistance Shaolin Kungfu and anti-Qing Dynasty. The destruction caused by the Shaolin Temple Shaolin unscrupulous treachery that turned out to be lackeys of the Qing Dynasty who infiltrate and sow poison in various point sources of water and food monks. At the time of the second attack, the physical condition of the poisoning has caused the loss of the ability to fight the Shaolin monks and non-monks. In the first fight, the Warriors Shaolin Temple had forced tens of thousands of soldiers, fully armed Qing Dynasty. Failure in the first attack, made at the peak of the Qing Emperor anger. The Emperor collect the best soldiers from each legion and recruit all martial artists martial arts (including the Tibetan Llamas and Practitioner Pak Mei) who are loyal to the Qing Dynasty to jointly raided the Shaolin Temple and menpersiapkan strategy of infiltration / destruction of the Shaolin Temple. Later on, 5 Shaolin Ancestors is identical with 5 Main famous figures, namely:
a) Hung Hei-Koon Hong 洪熙官 Xiguan / Hung Hei Gun.
He is the creator of Hung Gar Kung Fu. Hung Hei Koon was the chief disciple of the monk Gee Sin Sim See. He is known as an Expert Fok Fu Kuen Gung Gee (Siu Lum Fook Fu Kuen) and True Panther's Claw. Kick famously ferocious tiger claws and powerful. Most victims malignancy Tiger Claw stance is Hung Hei Koon soldiers and minions Qing Manchu.
b) Lau Sam-Ngan Liu 刘 三眼 Sānyǎn / Lau Sam Ngan.
He is the creator of Lau Gar Kung Fu and is known by the nickname "Lau Eyes 3". Ability Kungfu Lau Sam Ngan is very high. He is known to fight against the Qing army keroyokan and other martial arts practitioners without having to turn seolah2 there are "other eye" behind the head.
c) Yee Choi You-cai 蔡九 仪 Jiǔyí / Choy Gau Yi.
He is the Creator Choi Gar Kung Fu
d) Lee Yau-San 李 友 山 Lǐ Yǒushān / Li Yau San.
He is a teacher of Chan Heung, Lei Gar Kung Fu Creator (Choi Lei Fut)
e) Ching-Kiu Mok 莫 清 矫 Mo Qīngjiǎo / Mok Ching Giu,
He is the creator of Mok Gar Kung Fu

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