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Yip Man

The Swordsman Kungfu famous past contributed to World Kungfu Chinese among others:

15) Yip Man 
(Ip Man, Foshan, Namhoi 1898-1972).

 He is one of the famous Wing Chun Kung Fu expert and well-known as a fighter who was unbeatable, but very "low profile". He is a direct student of Chan Wah Sun, Ng Chung Sok & Leung Bik (son of Leung Jan). While in Foshan, China, he had some famous students include: Lok Yiu, Chow Kwong Yue, Kwok Fu, Lun Kai, Chan Chi Sun and Lui Ying. At the moment in Hong Kong, a number of well-known disciples He was Leung Sheung, Lok Yiu, Chu Song Tin, Wong Shun Leung, Lo Man Kam and Siau Lung Li / Li Jun Fan (Bruce Lee).
Yip Man is the son of a wealthy merchant family and was very generous. The origins of interest in learning martial arts because Yip Man Yip Man family permits a Kungfu master who has lived the Master Chan Wah Shun to preserve a way of teaching a group of martial arts students in the family temple. Master Chan has a reputation as a kind of martial arts experts as often defended the interests of the little people who are oppressed by a gang of robbers, criminals or official arbitrarily. Yip Man, who was 9 years old often observed practice Master Chan and his disciples. He had begged to be accepted as a disciple of Master Chan, but Chan Master who was then aged 60 years was no longer wish to receive students. But the young Yip Man was a very harsh and unyielding desire, though rejected many times, Yip Man remains unyielding.
To test the willingness and sincerity Yip Man, Master Chan said it would accept a student if he is able to pay the exercise of three taels of silver. The next day, Yip Man is coming to bring all his savings, amounting to 300 pieces of silver! Master Yip Man Chan saw that has the desire and determination to learn powerful martial arts Wing Chun. After discussions with his parents Yip Man, Master Chan finally accepted as a disciple of Yip Man last.
Yip Man studied Wing Chun Kung Fu with Master Chan for four years or until the Master Chan died. To further deepen knowledge Kungfunya, Yip Man then studied for 2.5 years with other seniors, namely Ng Chun. When Yip Man was 16 years old, his parents sent him to Hong Kong to study at St Stephen's College. With the rapid popularity of Yip Man thrived in St Setphen's College because he often serve and win the fight with a nice open flow of the senior or practitioners of other martial average based Kungfu, Boxing and Karate. At that time, Kung Fu Wing Chun martial arts became popular as a new stream of reliable flows beyond that already exist.
Young Man Yip loved the fight until the point where he had information that in one of her silk factory, there is an incredible martial arts expert, but have been aged 50 years. Kungfu expert lives in a fishing boat that rests near the port of Hong Kong. Yip Man then meet the Master and ask for guidance from the Master Kungfu. However, the martial arts expert is actually asking Yip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu to demonstrate it. After seeing several moves Yip Man, the martial arts expert is actually teased that science Chin Kung Fu Wing Yip Man is still far below the standard of Wing Chun martial arts expert! Feeling that his ability demeaned, Yip Man challenged the experts to fight. In one-two motion, Yip Man just thrown into the water! After repeatedly trying to attack with various secret jutsu that he learned over the years, Yip Man finally realized that she met Experts Kungfu Kungfu Expert level is high because the entire attack Yip Man could not hit the target! Yip Man finally gave up and expressed his desire to learn from the Master Kungfu it. Interested in the talents and abilities of Yip Man, Kung Fu expert receives Yip Man as a student. Yip Man later learned that martial arts expert turned out to Master Leung Bik was still a "lineage / roots" with the science of martial arts master Chan Wah Sun. Master Leung Bik itself is a martial arts expert from various schools, but more focused on the flow of Wing Chun Kung Fu. But so far, no one / other martial arts expert who knows the truth is the Master Leung Bik Wing Chun Kung Fu expert until the arrival of Yip Man!
Wing Chun Kung Fu Master Leung Bik and Master Chan Wah Sun actually comes from the same root, namely Ng Mui Shaolin Wing Chun master Leung Bik but made some changes according to the experience of fighting for this so that there are differences between the patterns and tactics that Chin Traditional Kungfu with Wing Wing Chun Kung Fu hers. After studying a period of 2.5 tahum, Master Leung Bik has inherited all his knowledge to the Yip Man and asked Yip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu to disseminate to the public. Along with the completion of the study period he, Yip Man returned to Foshan and aspires to carry out the mandate of the teacher. Yip Man taught all his fellow seperguruan but that desire had encountered obstacles because one of the seniors want to keep the traditional Wing Chun so it had been a battle between Yip Man with seniors. But in the end the seniors can accept that science is the science of good Kungfu Kungfu that can adapt and change according to the changes. While in Foshan occurred many events that changed the course of Master Yip Man's life, ranging from the entry of the Japanese occupation until a fight with martial arts experts in Japan who oppress the common people. Yip Man often challenge the Japanese martial art that seeks to deteriorate mentally Chinese people by organizing a number of martial arts tournaments. Victory after victory achieved easily and quickly in every battle until Yip Man had to be rushed from Foshan to Hong Kong again for being a target for assassination.
In the early days in Hong Kong, Yip Man working in restaurants and day-to-day teaching Kung Fu Wing Chun to Leung Sheung Wong, a martial arts practitioner Mr. May and at the same time the first disciple of Yip Man. Life in Hong Kong often cause harsh Yip Man received many challenges from both streams Kungfu and other martial arts. In general, Yip Man refused subtly challenge but in the end the battle remains inescapable. Yip Man had never experienced defeat or injure even his opponents in every fight and in general after the battle is finished, the opponents actually very reluctant to Yip Man Yip Man because of his humble and knights. After teaching the science of Wing Chun Kung Fu in Hong Kong for 20 years, Master Yip Man died.

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