Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yang Fu Kui

The Swordsman Kungfu famous past contributed to World Kungfu Chinese among others:

11) Family Yang, Yang Lu Chan (Yang Fu Kui).

He is the founder of Tai Chi Yang clan flow. In his lifetime, he was also known as the Swordsman with the nickname "The Wu Di = The Invincible". He and his successors descendants are very famous among other things: Hou Chien Yang, Yang Shao Hao, Yang Cheng Fu, Yang Ban Hou and Chen Man Ching. Science Tai Chi Yang Lu Chan himself known with a number of nicknames, the Mien Quan (Cotton Fist) and Hua Quan (Fist neutralizing).

Yang Fu Kui, later called Yang Lu Chan (the "Lu" having two different Chinese characters as accepted) was born in 1799 and died in 1872. Yang Lu Chan's family was from Hebei Province, Guangping Prefecture, Yongnian County and since childhood his family was poor. He would follow his father in planting the fields and as a teenager held temporary jobs. One period of temporary work was spent in doing odd jobs at the Tai He Tang Chinese pharmacy located in the west part of Yongnian City (the pharmacy was opened by Chen De Hu of the Chen Village in Henan Province, Huaiqing Prefecture, Wen County). As a child, Yang Lu Chan liked martial arts and started studying Chang Chuan, gaining a certain level of skill. One day he saw some hoodlums who came to the pharmacy looking for trouble. One of the partners of the pharmacy used a kind of martial art that Yang Lu Chan had never before seen to easily subdue the troublemakers. Because of this, Yang Lu Chan decided to study with the owner of the Tai He Tang pharmacy, Cheng De Hu. He saw that Yang Lu Chan came from the heart and was eager to study and sent Yang Lu Chan to the Chen Village to seek the 14th generation of the Chen Family Chen Chang Xing as his teacher.

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